What famous fans do we have?

Was never a fan of his music but Rick Wakeman was always at City when we were shit.

I understand hes not been too good recently, hope hes getting to games and enjoying this team.
He wasn’t a devoted football fan his sons more so he leaned towards Brentford although the son who was most keen was a City fan so Rick was often at the games
Probably the finest key board player in the history of Rock/Pop absolute genius, also if you like a laugh watch his speech as Yes were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame, very funny.
His 2 Grumpy Rockstar books are very funny and well worth a read. Available for about a tenner for both on World of Books online. Prices on Amazon are £35 - £40 each!!
Watching City and then going home (to the Isle of Man ) and giving the delectable Nina Carter a good seeing to !!!
(The lucky bastard).
Saw him a few times in the Main Stand at Maine Road, sat right in front of with the lovely Nina once, only about 3 seats away from Naomi Lewis who played Elsa in Emmerdale, she was a season ticket holder and sat with her Dad who looked like Michael Winner.

There were a group of proper Mancs who sat on the row behind us, they used to have the banter with Naomi and the stories she was involved in, she took it in great spirit.

Against the Spuds, a pissed up blue shouted “fuck of to Belson”. It was at that time I realised how many Jewish fans we had, the Police arrested the lad, he was lucky as he really was in serious danger, Naomi’s dad was making a beeline for him, I’d never seen him so animated, was a really good fella.

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