Who do you dislike more United or Liverpool?

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Cobwebcat, 26 Jul 2018.

  1. Cobwebcat


    21 Aug 2007
    In the mind of a sausage
    I think Liverpool has always been like this it just thar we were never in their sites before as either we were rubbish or they were (to a lesser extent)

    But now I’ve had a taste of it I won’t forget just because we aren’t fighting each other for trophies. United will always be our rivals as they are our local adversaries but Liverpool take some beating when it comes to their fan base.

    I’ve met lots of nice scousers and married a girl from the Wirral so I’m not sure if it’s a scouse thing or a world wide fan thing.

    It’s probably a little of both. Liverpudlians have always stuck together through difficult times which is a great quality but the downside is the victim mentality and sense of entitlement talked about on here and elsewhere which has prevailed.

    They seem to attract a certain type of individual but like any other set of fans there are some who are OK.

    If you were an alien and were talking to a Liverpool fan, you would think they had won a trophy a season for the past 30 years. Some of them just dont shut up and, for fans with a reputation as knowledgeable, it’s difficult to have a conversation with some of them.

    The cult thing is an apt term if only in so much as their ability to rewrite their history until it becomes true and unchallengeable in their minds.

    My other half is a Liverpool fan herself and quite rightly would never switch to City (though we are her clear second favourite team) but she is outright ashamed of her own fanbase.
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  2. chaddblue


    5 Jan 2008
    If the Rags won the league their fans would go on about it for a couple of weeks. If the dippers win it you'll not hear the end of it for a year, with the media backing them up

    I'd say 90% of Rags I know want us to win the league and they're not patronising us, they really hate those scouse ****s
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  3. aguero93:20


    21 Oct 2013
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    Team Pep
    Eh? They've not won it for 29 years and they've still not shut the fuck up.
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  4. 30 years of us being truly shite has left me immune to rags. Anything they say will never affect me having been through those years. Liverpool i use to never mind but their reaction to our success has made me realise how truly vile and hateful they are. They manufacture rivalries with whomever is successful at the time. They can slag you off while at the same time tell you they are better than you in every way, who does that? You take out 20 years of thier club and they have been mediocre. All those trophies were bought too yet they tell you you doing the same thing is disgusting. They've murdered innocent fans yet have erased it from history. the only thing they will ever have my respect for is the Jft96 campaign as that transcends football, everything else, Vile. Such a hateful fanbase.
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  5. David 'El Mago' Silva

    David 'El Mago' Silva

    23 Jan 2017
  6. RibboCop


    1 Mar 2019
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    City still do
    It’s in my DNA to hate rags nothing to assess on that. This season I have begun to feel sorry for them but flash backs to the vile scum at Wembley quickly resets my emotional sensors
    However to rank hatred then I can safely say that I have never hated anything in my life as much as those scousers which has been fuelled beyond any level experienced before by the media and their own self obsessed righteousness.
    The biggest challenge I have is what comes third...
    UEFA ... The FA .... Referees ....... British Rail ..... MUEN ... Sky BT MOTD Martin Tyler . Neil Curtis etc etc etc
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  7. BrianW


    6 Mar 2006
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    There's Only One City
    If you look at Redcafe, a lot of them seem quite grounded, to be fair.
    RAWK (Really Awful Wankers and Knobs) on the other hand is made up of the deluded, the spiteful and the frankly deranged. I actually wonder if there is not a mental health crisis developing on Murkeyside.
    It is very striking how our growing distaste for the RS seems to be shared by many fans throughout football, not just Rags. I wonder why?
  8. Blue Til Death

    Blue Til Death

    9 Jan 2013
    Maine Rd - My Soul Home..
    The rags are like a bug one just swats away with complete indifference, the dippers are like a rat you find running amok in your kids bedroom... That's how I see it these days in terms of hating em, the rags are still horrible ****s but not in the dippers league for me these days.....!
  9. notthenorthernquarter


    27 Feb 2019
    Somewhere between valhalla and narnia
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    Manchester City and England before the FA ruined the feeling
    My disgust at Scousers goes well past football, verminous shit stains.
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  10. Saddleworth2


    27 Jan 2014

    Dippers for me every time.

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