Who Will Pose A Threat Next Season

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by cyberblue, 13 Mar 2018.

  1. jay laruja

    jay laruja

    15 May 2012
    It will definitely be closer than it is now. I'm not saying this season's a fluke. We're just so much better than everyone else that it's hard to imagine teams not upping their game to catch us.

    1 Man City - More time to gel + reinforcements. With our young core, we should only get better.
    2 Liverpool - Their defense is suspect but not beyond repair. Keita looks good + a proper partner to Van Dijk and a keeper and they're set.
    3 Rags - A few more blockbuster deals and they'll probably do something right in the market.
    4 Chelsea - Will largely depend on who picks up after Conte but still a very talented team even if Hazard leaves.
    5 Arsenal - If Wenger goes, which I hope for their fan's sake that he will, anything can happen.
    6 Spurs - The Harry Kane team only goes as far as Harry Kane takes them. Sadly for them, even a stellar season from him can only take them so far. If they continue to refuse wage restructuring to attract and retain talent, they'll be falling back to mediocrity very soon.
  2. BlueMedic


    19 Apr 2016
    Hard to dismiss Liverpool, think they'll have an improved spine next season with Keita + Van Dijk & their front 3 are obviously very strong. The question with them will be do they bring enough depth in to really challenge next season, whilst I imagine their starting 11 may well be the best of the rest, if they get a couple of key injuries would they be able to cope, maybe not.

    United will have the depth & spending power, but feel they're still a fair way off currently, but I imagine they'll go big in the market to try to catch up.

    Think we'll still be the best team by a distance, just whether we can continue this level - our motivation & hunger is easy to see this season, we win the ball back so fast & it makes us so hard to play against; if we carry that on I don't see anyone stopping us, if we lose some of that then even with the best squad we won't necessarily have such a great time as this season.
  3. Man_City_Loyal


    16 Feb 2017
    All Over
    Can see more money being pumped into everton
  4. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    Ah! I see. I tot you meant you could see them challenging.
  5. trevorriley


    17 Jan 2012

    pep right now is working on a plan to get at least 4 points though next season off dippers, it will be his biggest tactical venture in his career. Bugged the hell out of him at anfield the way Liverpool had us off the ball for spells.

    Not a gambling man, but would put a tenner on pep getting it right next season and Liverpool wont do that again.

    we will strengthen in two areas next season, season after will be peps perfect team, united will be an even easier 6 points.
  6. domalino


    27 Mar 2011
    Mourinho might melt down, but I think if they finish in the top 4 this season which is pretty likely now, he won't implode. The implosions with Mourinho came when he was on the edge, now he's just dull and miles behind competing.

    As for us, I believe we can win next season's title in the next 18 league games. We need to end this season as dominant as possible, break 100 points, beat the goalscoring record, get Ederson that golden glove, then start strong in the first 10 games of next season and teams will start to give up.
  7. None of the fuckers.
  8. BJL_City


    13 Dec 2016
    I'm fairly certain we'll be given the nastiest schedule imaginable next season to try and trip us up. Hard trips around CL games, an even more brutal Christmas schedule etc.
  9. The Black Shed

    The Black Shed

    9 Oct 2012
    Nobody, can't see it myself, then again I've been thinking that since 2012. Some poor recruitment and running the legs off ageing players has scuppered my ideal of a 7th title in a row. Whoever has the bunce to buy very good players and the management and tactics to instill a 'new dawn' for whoever it is... nope can't see anybody!
    United/Chelsea/Arsenal all a few years away now. Spuds/Liverpool probably. One-off outsiders? Wolves
  10. TCIB


    30 May 2011
    Balls deep in the matrix
    Nobody will improve enough to threaten us domestically imo. As others have said, even right now the gap is pretty huge. We will indeed understand the intricacies of Peps demands more and in turn get better at it.

    If utd change their purchasing strategy to one where Mourinho gets 100% say in who comes then they may be more solid. That is a big "if" though as Woodward lives for the rush of the deal. He has won the battle with Pogba i think even if his spending has seen their accountants not very happy. He wins them a few trophies and they are currently a solid top 4 team, these two points will see him pretty secure in the Glazers eyes. They may not like it but if Mourinho wants Pogba gone for 2 better cheaper players i feel he would get that now. Unless his child like jealous streak has him targeting players we want just because a-la Sanchez with no plan he is safe, their suits will want to see no more of that.

    Spurs will be interesting, i think a lot will watch what they do, if they keep the same standards they have currently they will lose ground and players. They need to get rid of their wage limits and get the owners to stop trying to do it on a budget. He is a billionaire so they have the cash. It depends if he is in it for the love or the returns. So far it is obviously the returns. Now is the time for them to step up in those terms and add to the squad they have, not tread water persuading the same lot just to stay.

    Liverpool i think will be roughly the same. Chelsea will improve because Roman can't do anything else to occupy himself. He gets interested in anything that looks like politics and he will instantly be on Putin's naughty list so he will spend on a few players for his new manager. If they improve a lot in their first season with the new manager or not, who knows.

    Arsenal are right in the shit, no idea what they will do.

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