Your ideal central-midfield signing for next summer ?


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4 Jun 2022
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Who would you be your ideal central-midfield signing for next summer
Bellingham for me, the age is a factor though. He’s already showing he can compete in the champions league, even putting goals past the likes of us. I know there is always jokes about him being 13, but to be playing the position he does at 19 at the level he does is pretty impressive. Give him coaching under someone like Pep and he will be one of the best midfielders of the next generation. I actually think the next manager he works under might determine whether he becomes world class or not and I think here he would become that.

I’d take him over Rice all day. I think Rice is good, maybe he’ll make a move and show he’s top level but in my opinion he’s just a good and solid English midfielder. I don’t see him going on to run games at the highest level. Then again, I think the same about Phillips but we signed him. Happy to be proven wrong on both.

I just feel Bellingham has a higher ceiling between the two, and considering both are relatively young, that potential ceiling is a big factor
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Bernardo signing a new contract.

As good as bellingham could be he doesnt have the attrbutes that Bernardo has.

I see Bellingham as a replacement for Gundo

But if we lose Bernardo we will struggle to replace him...Foden could move inside but we need another wide player unless Grealish really steps up which he isnt doing on a regular basis at the moment.

Realistically we are going to lose Bernardo, Gundogan Mahrez and maybe even KDB in the next 3 seasons (KDB is playing well but the signs are there of just starting to get on a bit)

While Bellingham has the engine and physicality he doesnt have the technical ability of Bernardo, foden or Kev.....neither does Grealish...only foden has that so I think we need another player in that idea who though

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