Your worst ever city moment?


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11 Sep 2011
Has to be the 81 replay. I'd gone to my very first match in the 3rd round against Palace, and my 8 year old self believed that City had to win the cup because they were my team, what else would be right? You don't even realise that another team has fans and players really. That dawning feeling that the world wasn't fair and that just because I wanted it didn't mean it would happen was awful. So lots of tears and that lovely naiive belief vanished never to return. So really I hate Ricky Villa for ending my innocence; every time they show that bloody goal it all comes back. None of the subsequent disasters come close to that feeling of distress.


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22 May 2004
City park
The relegation against Luton was probably the most depressing time as a city fan. My mum would argue that the defeat against Halifax in the cup had her son running out of the house crying his eyes out and kept me upset for days. Those cup defeats were hard to take but relegation was worse.

Mr Shifter

12 May 2013
jamesha said:
My worst City experience was the last home game of the 88/89 season versus Bournemouth at Maine Road.

It was a beautiful sunny day and if City won they were promoted.

Paul Moulden scored after two minutes. "Tricky" Trevor Morley added a beauty then Moulden followed up to tap in a loose ball after a Hinchcliffe free kick.

The sun was shining, beachballs were being punted around the Kippax, there was a real party atmosphere - we were going up!

Unfortunately Bournemouth (and Ian Bishop in particular) had other ideas. City sat back in the second half allowing Bishop to take control. They scored twice and the party atmosphere evaporated. The game went of forever and, in the 95th minute, Hinchcliffe brought down old stager Luther Blisset in the area. He picked himself up and drove in the penalty to level the scores.

I had gone to every home game and about eight away games that season and was pretty obsessed by City at the time. It had been a season of great drama with incredible highs and lows and City seemed to have thrown it away in the most spectacular way imaginable.

Luckily the team had the character to grind out a result away at Bradford in the next game but the intervening week was awful.

I'll second this. Similar attendance record from me, and definitely similar memories of that day. It was my second year with a season ticket and first experience of what would become common - the feeling we could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at any point. To make it worse I was getting picked up after the game by a rag friend. Still, the bedlam when Tricky equalised at Valley Parade the following Saturday made up for it up.


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4 May 2013
FFS Navas
Super David Silva 21 said:
Crouch scoring at the Etihad and denying us CL football was a bit shit as well.

Fowler having his penalty saved against Boro. Bastard.

David James should've took the penny!

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