£50 million Tevez

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by WARD21, 4 May 2011.

  1. r.soleofsalford


    28 Jan 2009
    rag central the blue part.

    when your getting £100,000 plus a week i suppose it has a cushioning effect
  2. waspish


    25 Jan 2009
    Blue Moon
    Fair price especially with his wages
  3. Sanchez is going to be a great signing, watched him in the World Cup and he stood out for me, brilliant player, I think he has potential to be better than Ronaldo, so I'm over the moon it seems he's going to be a blue next season.
  4. I'm glad the club have slapped that price on Carlos. It was pissing me off reading figures around the 30 million mark. Carlos has in his time at City become one of the most prolific and highly rated forwards in Europe. Make no mistakes he's worth double what he was when he joined from the rags - and with a long contract that he's got - City know it...

    Regarding Sanchez, he's not a replacement for Carlos at all. What's more, I think that it would be folly of the highest order to go into next season with Dzeko and Balo as our only two strikers. If Tevez goes I expect a big move for someone of the Drogba/Eto'o ilk...
  5. EaglesFan


    17 Feb 2011
    I don't understand people fear so much of losing Tevez, with this much talent on the team.

    If this team is so dependant on one player (even Tevez) to win a trophy - we will never win a trophy. So Tevez or no Tevez, the City will live. Full stop.
  6. simon23


    26 May 2004
    Firstly we arent dependant upon Tevez and yes we have other talented forwards a the club including mario and dzeko (as well as ade but he wont be staying)

    However at present Tevez is by far THE BEST forward we have....if you want to play your strongest starting 11 he has to be in it.....without him htese past few games our attack has looked pretty damn average to say the least.

    RM is saying that if he doesnt play vs spurs then he cannt play in the cup...but that to me is wrong......and extra 4-5 days rest could see tevez fit (at least for a place on the bench) and i know some wont agree but id rather have tevez at 75% than dzeko at present

    Id play Mario and balo together in the final and then if tev cannt make the whole match bring him off and put dzeko on
  7. EaglesFan


    17 Feb 2011
    On the bolded part I agree 100%...
    I just cannot see the RM's logic on that one - if Carlos is say 90% there vs Spurs (no-go), he might as well be 100% or close by the cup final - so why even be so exclusive about it?

    I think our apparently average attack in past few games is more about RM deploying only one forward, while Tevez is the only one capable of playing in that role.

    I think one part of Dzeko's struggle is one forward play - he never played as a lone man, it is a different ball game alltogether. And IMO Mario might be having the same problem lately. Mario's best games were WITH Tevez, it cant just be coincidence.
    I've been saying that in the absence of Tevez RM needs to play both Balo AND Dzeko at the same time, but...still got the results though.
  8. Glossop_Blue


    14 Dec 2009
    Its plainly obvious, from reading into the training reports that Carlos Tevez will feature in the squad againist Spurs unless he breaks down between now and then, which therefore means he will be in the side at Wembley.
  9. dennis tuearts hatrick balls

    dennis tuearts hatrick balls

    7 Mar 2011

    paper talk as usual we will be linked with over a hundred players from now until next august!
  10. adammck


    22 Aug 2008
    Tevez will be there... i dunno if it's a good thing or bad thing hah

    His worth 50 mil also, i'd dislike it if he left, but if he wanted to leave, then so be it, we will move on and grow stronger without him.

    It would have us in good shape for finanical fair play aswell...

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