Fernandinho - 2016/17 performances

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by Cheadle Blue, 17 Aug 2016.

  1. City_Sean


    23 Oct 2011
    Watching it, Drinking it in
    I wouldn't be too bothered if he wasn't given an extension. He's fallen off a cliff and if it wasn't for the other urgent areas that need addressing he'd be a goner.
  2. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016
    Left high and dry by Guardiola's tactics last night.

    1 v 5 and even 1 v 6 in midfield when they broke up our attacks in the first half last night with Silva and de Bruyne joining the front three.

    Absolutely criminal from Pep
  3. Edwin Edwin

    Edwin Edwin

    18 May 2016
    Been abysmal ALL season.Let's give him a new two year deal though,as he's a fan favourite and is a nice guy.Need that ruthlessness of knowing when and who to get rid of at the right time at my club.
  4. Millwallawayveteran1988


    23 Sep 2010
    Indeed. We make this mistake time after time.

    We had 10 players over 30 last night in the 18. Arguably only Silva is still good enough to be here but as we can't change 9 players in one go we will end up with some staying even longer than they should. This game is becoming a younger mans game and we lack players at their peak between the ages of 24-27.
  5. meeesh


    15 Jan 2009
    All over the place
    I feel for this guy,been fucked about left,right and centre,literally,but some performances shown this season,are proving more and more that he will be shown the door in the summer if there is no real improvement between now and end of season
  6. Thaksinssoldier


    28 Jun 2009
    He's done.

    Got a free pass last year too, but was nothing special at all.

    Just laughing to myself as we moved off Gareth Barry for this lad, similar age profile but over the past 2 years it's actually Barry looking the better player, definitely this year.

    There's a consistent pattern this season where results and performances have looked far, far better each time he's been omitted or suspended.

    We should sell in Summer for sure.
  7. FrancisMCFC


    13 Mar 2015
    Good lord. This is a joke, why the fuck would we get rid of a perfectly capable midfielder when it's currently one of the weakest areas in the squad? Keep him until the end of the contract but don't renew, simple. Won't final many better back ups in Europe.
  8. Blue Hefner

    Blue Hefner

    11 Jul 2009
    That was more or less the reply I was going to write about that post - It looks like he's had it. The inforced winter break hasn't done him any good
  9. Manchester_lalala


    9 Jul 2008
    Not what I saw. He was slow passing the ball through the lines last night and he lost the ball in the middle of the park which lead to corner, which then lead to monacos first goal. De bruyne moved into his position in the second half and we were much better.
  10. Benarbia


    25 Jun 2005
    Been on the wane for a while now

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