Tosin Adarabioyo

Discussion in 'EDS and Academy Forum' started by mad zab, 3 Sep 2014.

  1. WNRH


    22 Oct 2010
    The irony!

    FYI, I think Diaz and Sancho are potentially great players. My worry with them as with every youngster is their mentality and physicality but they both have the ability to succeed. I just fear they won't get the required minutes and experience here with Sane, Sterling, Jesus, De Bruyne all playing in their positions and possibly Patrick Roberts in that mix as well. There is not enough football around for all of them so they will need to go out on loan to get that experience and i don't think the club will choose the right club or age for them.
  2. Blue Bogey

    Blue Bogey

    16 May 2015
    Hoping Adarabioyo gets an extended contract and he gets a decent loan. But where could he go on loan that is both realistic and good for his development . For me a club coming up to the Prem from Championship would be a realistic aim and would be a benefit for Adarabioyo and our club or Top Championship club going for promotion. Not abroad please.
  3. Neville Kneville

    Neville Kneville

    26 May 2008
    The advantage Tosin has over some, is that he's had years of training in our kind of football, but is also a big unit, quick & good at leaping. So some Sam Allardyce character teaching him the dark arts, & telling him to 'get stuck in' is probably not going to do him any harm.

    But of course, if Ronald Koemann offers him a first team squad position instead, & the opportunity to be coached by a Champions League winning cb rather than Owen Coyle, well what would you do ?
  4. Blue Bogey

    Blue Bogey

    16 May 2015
    Sounds like you have conceded he will leave for Everton. If he believes in himself very highly and thinks he can nail 1st team come the summer then no contract extension signing and onwards to Everton, but if he admits he still has room for development, sign contract with us and go on loan. There are pros and cons for any player making a transfer decision. I think the roughing up in the lower leagues that has been spoken of on this and other threads is a bit exaggerated tbh. It would do him no harm to play Championship football.

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