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    Query about watching Sky Sports on BT TV

    Help! I've found what looks like a decent deal with BT to get BT Sport & Sky Sports with BT. Their website says Sky Sports is watched through a NOW TV Sky Sports Pass. Can you also watch Sky Sports channels through the BT TV box as normal? I'd need/want to record stuff and fear I won't be able...
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    Guess the sporting occasion from the commentary

    Possibly my favourite commentary clip this: "...turns like a little eel and comes away from trouble, a little squat man, comes inside ??? and leaves him for dead, outside ??? and leaves him for dead, and puts the ball away, and that is why ??? is the greatest player in the world..."
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    Guess the sporting occasion from the commentary

    Yep...commentary courtesy of Barry Davies. Not sure if it was Kerly who scored or Imran Sherwani.
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    Guess the sporting occasion from the commentary

    "And you have to ask where were the Germans? But frankly, who cares?"
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    Restraining order advice/experience sought

    Wow! Thanks for all your messages of support and encouragement. I kind of knew they'd come on this place. Blues are fucking ace! A direct answer is yes, she's so fucking worth it. She's top banana in every way possible. She's been married to this nutter for ten years, wanted to leave him for...
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    Restraining order advice/experience sought

    Hi everyone, long time member but rare poster seeking advice or experience here. I'm looking for advice on a pretty scary situation involving the estranged husband of my new partner. He has a 2 year restraining order in place to prevent him contacting or seeing his wife which we think he...
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    What book are you reading now / or recommend?

    I'm reading Norman Mailer's The Executioner's Song. Seems to be turning out as good as I hoped it would be. 100 pages in and pretty relieved it's chapters are short and choppy due to the length of the book. Thus far it's a really clean and easy read, and a fascinating story.
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    Post up your favourite poem..

    Larkin's "This Be Thy Verse" already having been posted two or three times, I'll opt for: A Herron's Walk (Off Lunt Road), anon. It's not only the hazel of your eyes or your warm, blemished cheeks stifling mischievous giggles or the way your forearms don't taper into slender, ladies' wrists...
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    Premier League Games 28/29/30 October

    No, he apologised to John Moss for claiming Moss had ruined the game. Neville conceded Moss hadn't ruined the game.
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    Album of the day - Manic Street Preachers (Know Your Enemy)

    Shocking album in my opinion. They'd have been about right packing in after The Holy Bible because there wasn't really anywhere for them to go after that. Instead they chose the advert music route, the Coldplay route, and gradually, year upon year, lost most of their deserved credibility.
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    Media Thread 2017/18

    The Daily Mail today asking about Jesus and Sergio, "Is This The Dealiest Partnership Around?" I had to read it twice because I thought Sergio was a dead cert to be off. I mean, he was last off the bus at Bournemouth, and he never smiles all the time so he must be unhappy. They remind me of...
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    Classic novels

    Guessing Infinite Jest came in at 101.
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    Songs/Tunes with a colour in the title

    Bluetonic - The Bluetones
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