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    Can we share season tickets this year?

    Currently deployed on HMS QE - Trust me i am sharing my ST this year
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    Champions League Final | Where are you watching?

    Both whilst at sea
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    I do have compassion. If i was not deployed until December. I would have booked already. I paid a fortune for a flight for a Euro away, Next week it was half the price.
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    City fans copied by others?

    All clubs have history, not all clubs have the same success. Thats a big difference
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    Trying to get some distance from VAR

    How many VAR subjects!
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    City to give Liverpool guard of honour

    Sooner this game is out of the way, the better
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    Im sure it was Red, White and Blue for Armed Forces day. I may be mistaken, but doubt i am :)
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    I sense trouble on Thursday

    I feel for the snakes. God knows what they may catch
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    Arsenal (h) - Wed 11 March

    Game now rearranged. Cant make 17th June. I have one spare :)
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    That Hamburg night in Manchester

    Forgot you drove back. Flying back was bad enough! - Great memories
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    RIP Eddie Large

    Early 80s for me
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    That Hamburg night in Manchester

    The trip to Hamburg wasnt bad either @squirtyflower
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    United thread 2019/20

    He is. He has taken over Lou Macaris chippy!
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