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    Wolves (H) Post-Match Thread

    Disappointing result today which we unfortunately deserved. I don't think it's the end of the world, it's only early in the season people are overreacting we have been here many a time and pulled through with less quality. Yeah you could argue competition is more fierce now and you can argue...
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    Rodri - 2019/20 Performances

    Thought he looked good yesterday. Way to early to judge yet obviously as time will tell but as long as he stays fit and gets a regular run in the team, think he'll prove to be a good signing.
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    Will VAR lead to increased football violence?

    Haven't posted on here in a while as I haven't been following football in general all that much these last couple of years due to other factors going on with myself. But anyway, yesterday really got me curious as to the opinions of other blues. I personally think it's ruining the game and will...
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    Premier League Games 21/22 Jan

    Let's just hope we never get the ref that's doing the palace game tomorrow ever again...!
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    Sergio Aguero - 2016/17 performances

    Really wouldn't believe anything that is printed by our very straight, "non biased" media of in this country. Bottom line is, there's no hiding that he hasn't been upto his best this season but to suggest that he's done, I said absolute bollocks. He like all the other players in our team, are...
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    The fans are bigger at Spurs

    Lmao, but yeh says it all really to be honest. Not really gone down in my estimation though caused I've never really give a flying fuck about him or spurs and it's not the first time I've heard an opposition manager have a sly dig. Though spurs are definitely the arsehole of London tbh.
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    The fans are bigger at Spurs

    Where did he say this?
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    Scott Hetherington (RIP)

    Hung around with Scott as a very young kid, tragic what has happened...may he RIP. Think any applause for him against spuds would be extremely well appreciated.
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    York away

    Happy Christmas everyone! Wasn't at York away but I was at Norwich away when delia did that "lovely" speech. How times have changed, for the better imo. MCFC OK
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    How far do you live from the stadium?

    It's 4.8 miles to the ground from Middleton. Very easy to get to the ground from me, just the traffic is a twat after games so usually park at vermillion.
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    Bring Back Joe Hart

    This whole saga with Hart and Bravo in some ways reminds me of when arsenal had Ospina in net as a regular a couple of seasons ago after dropping that czechny I think? and every man and his dog were saying that it was their weak point as ospina simply wasn't good enough and up to the task so...
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    Txiki Begiristain

    No one at the club from the director of the football to the kitman is untouchable mate.
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    Nolito - 2016/17 performances

    Good performance when he came on as is usually the case. Good goal too and unlucky not to get a 2nd. Then who knows, we might have got a scrappy point...all ifs and buts obviously. Why he doesn't get more starts though is beyond me, when you look at How Nevas even gets sub apps never mind...
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    Leicester City v City post match.

    Maybe we could of had a penalty or 2 but putting that down to the sole reason why we lost is just daft, we played absolutely shocking, was almost humourus how bad we played. We NEED to get this defence sorted with some kind of system instead of going gung ho all the time and QUICK before the...
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    The 20 highest paid players in the PL

    Haha I know mate, just something I believe strongly in and have done for years.
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