27 | Matheus Nunes - 2023/24

Thought he was fine today and we were better when he was on the pitch. He has very strange ears.

His mouth, too! Does he wear a mouth guard?

That said, I like him and think his position is LAM or RAM, but in this team you have to be able to play anywhere!!
He’s a bit of an enigma in that he’s clearly a good player, with a good touch, good control and pace with a good engine.

But hard to see where we fit him in the team, we have more important players in midfield, and whilst he did decent on the left today he isn’t a winger.

Saw someone else mention it but wouldn’t be averse to seeing how he’d do at right back. Just needs to be braver in the challenge for that to work out though.
One of his best games in blue. Hopefully gets some confidence from it and kicks on. Might never be a star player putting up big numbers but potential to be a very good versatile squad player.
One of our better players and didnt deserve to be hooked against Bournemouth ,Bernie was having a mare and would have liked Grealish brought on for Bernie with Nunes back in the middle , looking more like a Pep/City player every game he plays , now he needs to do it in a big game.

Yeah I think Pep will have noticed that. He's stubborn but he absolutely hates losing control and we lost control of the game after he came off. Further compounded by taking Haaland off but he tried fixing it by putting KDB on which meant even lesser control.

I think Nunes is squarely in the *control* corner with Grealish and Doku/ Julian might be on the other end with their chaos. I like them both but the balance wasn't right after Nunes was hooked!
Felt for him when he was hooked as quite a few deserved it more and he was having one of his best games for us.
Not good man management IMO
Certainly when Doku came on we lost control for the last 15/20 minutes , Nunes keeps the ball and takes us up the pitch whilst Doku has been profligate in possession , surprised he brought Doku on before both Bobb & Grealish who are far better at ball retention, which we lacked in the 2nd half.

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