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  1. It's all subjective mate and one man's meat is another man's poison. We go on vacation for Sun Sea and Sangria and have little to no interest in the socio economic climate of its inhabitants or it's associated history. It never made me any more happier visiting chicken itching in Mexico in fact it stole a full day of our holiday because it's just a triangular ruin in the middle of nowhere. Horses for courses though because it we want to imbibe of culture then we choose a destination fitting the bill like Rome shrouded in amphitheatres mystery and great treasures. But 95% of our jollies are only for time out and fun in the sun with agua aerobics a game of bools, killer pool, quizzes, singers and dancing. Also sunbathing but only for short periods as lying on a bed at gas mark 5 can get seriously boring. Going for nice long walks along a promenade and having drinks in a pretty harbour side bar. Meeting new pals from around the globe and interacting with like minded people. But travelling out to a remote village to imbibe with the locals would be a no no and anyway if you asked them then they would probably to a man like to get out of the village and come back ours to chill out . Early night tonight and ready for kip as tomorrow is our trip day...good grief !
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    28 May 2008
    You really ought to try Butlins if that’s all you want.
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    25 Oct 2009
    Absolutely right, "Each to his own". I wasn't preaching or being judgemental, just amused by them discussing destinations they were never going to bother to see.
    My daughter always does "Exploring" holidays ,(China, India etc.), my son prefers AI in Ibiza.
    Sun, Sea & Sangria - there used to be a holiday company called 4S!! And going back even further, a company called Gaytours (when gay had its original meaning).
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  4. Right you are Dad. Let me give you a quick scenario. Manuel and Pepi are busy tending their goats on yonder hillside when in the distance they make out a shape trotting over the horizon. Canvas bush hat plastered in mini badges of all the obscure places visited with matching three quarter trew's and boots. And right then and there they come to the realisation their world has just fallen apart and nowhere left to run or hide because they know a tourist oddity approaches. Many hours later as the sweat beads piss down their furrowed brows and you have asked your hundredth obscure question in pidgeon Greek it's time for you to leave with many long lost hugs and embraces. "That's the real Cyprus my love and ever so fascinating the way they convert goat milk into fetta cheese without the need for an overnight curdle" But the lads don't have any goats left Dennis because they all committed suicide jumping into a ravine as they didn't have the patience of the herders. Leave the locals alone as they are busy trying to eak out a living in the harsh landscape of lifes pasture and don't need a inquisitive sausage like yourself ruining their day. To say your an ex teacher you have learned the square root of nowt in the complex game of life. We are all individuals with different needs and wants and so as much I respect your rights to harass locals, cover them in waffle and disturb their livestock you must also respect our rights to lick a cornet and have some fun. Butlins you say ?
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    27 Oct 2011
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    I think the sun has got to you Bob. Have a cool drink in the shade. You will soon feel better :-)
  6. Your one of the strangest characters on here Rickulas : ) but I've always had a soft spot for you so can without difficulty adapt to your minor indiscretions. The Turkish Cypriot side was fair to middling but remarkably similar to the Greek style and the shit-shops our coach driver dropped us off at were full of the same Tat-au-Tat that the lovies of the Real Getaway places duly adore . The beaches and bars were identical so begs the question why bother but at least we escaped our camp complex without the need for any tunnelling shenanigans as I hold a fear of damp dark places from my drift-mining days in Rozzendorf where I was nearly injured in a cave-in situation. Today aside from a long cliff top walk little has stirred the imagination and drinking ourselves through copious amounts of stun juice. Gold band members now so we can imbibe whatever we choose and today is Bombay Saphire day with a full internet session. Tonight I am going to juggle some Jackie Dee and coke as we have a top two piece electronic style band coming in and looking at the photos they look the dogs bollocks of synth heaven. This is a very good A.I gaff and espousing value for money but again I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea. We have just bonded with a couple from Preston who are devout man u supporters and we did not give up our position but rather slated the Gunner and asked if they thought it time for him to now go. We told them that their position is probably untenable and that you can't make a Silk purse out of a sows ear and maybe a time of rebuilding ahead. We may both pop on our special shirts for dinner tonight in the hotels Greek speciality restaurant as timing is everything.
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  7. Blue Til Death

    Blue Til Death

    9 Jan 2013
    Maine Rd - My Soul Home..
    Very well put mate, I went to visit the cathedral in Milan when we played Atalanta, not because I was interested but to justify my trip by not spending 24/7 in the bar.... Never doing that again, scuttled back to the pubs and had a great time boozing with other like minded Blues ... !
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  8. Great post Blue and a time and a place to swing upside down from the bells of Notre Damme. Enjoy your trips keep your head down but more important watch out for them bloody holiday police. If it makes you grin then crack on fill your boots and do it .. not their way but My Way!

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    29 Jan 2010
    Its Guinness time any day of the week.
    Wouldn`t do anything else.No pissing about looking for somewhere to eat,drink,shows at night.Only thing we try and avoid are brats,so we tend to holiday when they`re back in school.Never had a bad all inclusive ever.
    What better than lying by a pool and your waiter comes over and looks after you all day with beers and shorts.
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  10. KnaresboroughBlue


    19 Aug 2006
    Sounds awful but each to their own.

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