All or Nothing documentary


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4 Oct 2014
Seems Mou's favourite words are "fuck, man". He came off as trying to be too friendly with the players too soon. Felt false. Was weird.
Interesting that he had his assistant dig up info from the squad (if that wasn't staged), finding out that Sissoko had a lot of influence in the dressing room and then not starting him.
Overall it's pretty good. With the City one I always wanted more scenes with the players in the cafeteria and more tactical meetings and team talks. Don't remember any one on meetings between Pep and players, this one has had like 5 already - probably due to Mou's ego
As for the players, Eriksen seems a miserable twat and I'm already bored of Kane's "inspiring" pregame speeches so can't imagine how his teammates feel.

Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

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9 Mar 2007
Upwind of the Mangrove Swamp
Our one was okay because I'm biased, but I don't particularly want to know about Spurs or what they're doing - and I particularly cannot stomach Maureen so I'll give it a miss.
I always have a handy bargepole when these things come on. What I can't understand is why they picked Haringay. Is it Moaninho, or have they moved into the new ground? Can't be that they had a cracking season. Oh, wait a mo, did they beat us that season - two episodes coming up with that fixture?


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10 Jan 2009
3 episodes in; very enjoyable. Certainly a little different than City, esp the focus on Mourinho so far.

As another poster said, Harry Kane’s pre-game speech is dire! Same shit every time.

Looking forward to the rest of the series.

john blue

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6 Jan 2009
What I've learned so far.

Jose is a ****, with funny moments. He tells players they are shit and doesn't give a fuck. No wonder The Rags wanted rid.

Derty Ali is a lazy thick ****. Mourinho tries to tell him and he just looks smug and giggles.

Sir Harry is portrayed like Vinny. His team motivational speech consists of "Let's fucking do them"

Levy is a ****.

"I see us as a caring club" Then furloughs the staff.

Son seems genuinely decent. You feel his sadness when Alti fan sends him off.
Think sir harry could be in the frame for the next James bond, seems a natural actor. !ffs,
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9 Dec 2012
I will give this one a miss, it didn't really grab my attention. I enjoy the all or nothing programmes, by PEG and Spurs, just not interesting enough entities for mine

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