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The club have to provide those tickets, every club gets an allocation like that in European games.

It's not a joke, it's UEFA rules. 200 CAT A seats. We get them at our aways too. You can see them go up celebrating when we scored last week.

I've sat in said seats before at Bayern and it was explicit that you would be ejected if you celebrated, the stewards didn't even try to stop the pricks goading fans next to them.
The health supplement brand he plugs all over his podcast and socials. he gets a kick back with every purchase if you use a referral code. Then when you buy you get your own referral code, and get a kickback when you push it to your fellow LinkedIn techbro pals

Athletic Greens / AG1 is the same shit. Multi level marketing pyramid scheme.
Never has the adage about a fool and his money being parted been so apt. Fucking morons, every one of them. In the meantime, this Bartlett character is laughing all the way to the bank.
Funny one, people clearly cashed in. Was loud in parts but genuinely didn’t feel like most people had the belief we could win.

By extra time most were spent or no voice left. Ref was a prick bellinghams a prick.

Wouldn’t say was awful or shocking but maybe nervy is the term. Every club would be the same though.
TBH I thought Bellingham did well for there goal but overall he was bang average one of the most overrated players in football.
That is exactly the problem

They couldn't give a toss about proper fans.
I'm not really against tourists though - if I was on holiday to New York I'd love to go to a Mets game and I'd probably go and buy half the gift shop and sit there taking photos too. It's exactly the same thing and there's nothing wrong with it.

What I object to isn't the odd half and half scarf tourist, it's whole blocks of opposition fans sitting in the home end. Where are those tickets coming from?
At 0-0 it was. Once they scored that seemed to spark people into life but at 0-0, considering the occasion, it wasn't great.
First five minutes had about 3 different songs going at once all around the stadium but it settled and I didn't think it flat at all. I thought it was the best of the season.
One of the lads sat next to me told me that when he was going in there were 3 madrid fans in the queue wearing madrid shirts. They were told to put their jackets on and the steward told the city fan they'd been instructed to allow them in
I've sat in said seats before at Bayern and it was explicit that you would be ejected if you celebrated, the stewards didn't even try to stop the pricks goading fans next to them.
I sat in them at Ajax and we all went mad when we went 1-0 up. You can see them every time we score at Real Madrid in the background too, level with the penalty box, wearing City shirts.
Ok so the tourists at champs league games. Yes a bigger % is on the club who just see the £ssssss. But ….. we as fans have to take a large proportion of the blame too.

Whats the % of season ticket holders that are on the champs league scheme? As a micro example, out of 4 of us with season tickets im the only one in the scheme. Id say around me only half of regular ticket holders are in it. At most.
Where are you when we play Copenhagen in the group stage ? The hard slog, dont fancy it on a wet november evening ?
A lot of those games, without the tourists the ground would be half empty.

Last night the other 3 who i go with had a mad scramble to get tickets. Well ive no sympathy

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