Can the wounded animal beat PSG?

The Fat el Hombre

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20 Apr 2006
Nah, getting to the final and finishing 4th will render it a good season. However the flipside is that if we go out to Paris it will have been a terrible season. I guess the margins get finer every year between success and failure.
I wouldn't say that comparison is a good example of the fine margins of football. To get to the final of the CL we will have to beat two very good teams over two legs, no fine margin in that (and no fucking chance whatsoever either)

The league was there for the taking this season. We invested another 130 million in the team and have still come absolutely nowhere near. It would take a lot for me to let that happen and label this a good season, probably only a CL win, and anyone who thinks there's a chance we might do that this season needs their head testing


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30 Jul 2012
I've played at a decent level too mate, I won't divulge too much but seeing as you mentioned it i thought I'd throw my Chips into mix. And your last line of this post is what I'm about. never know with this team, they might turn up and wipe the floor with them. But yes on current form we'll get mullered. I'm 42 mate and like you seen decent managers work wonders with half of pellers luxuries and vice versa but I've always tried to look at the positive every time. But with our new found status and the bar being raised lots of notches and expectations gone through the roof i still find myself being grounded and not expecting too much. Horses for courses pal.
Are you Steve Lomas?
If so, I had £5 on you to score the first goal once at 14-1. That was a great weekend. Thank you very much.
26 Mar 2016
Hello there,
You guys look a little bit disillusoned but as a psg fan (hope You don t mind) I confess that I am not as optimistic as you are pessimistic.

First of all some of our best players are injured :verratti and pastore aren t sur to play (quite sure verratti wouldn t play or be out of form).

Second : our manager is not known to love change so everyone could guess what could be the Line up and we are very predictable.

Marquinhos -Silva - Luiz - maxwell

rabiot - motta - matuidi

Di Maria - ibra - lucas

Third we hâve everything to lose in this match but that is what is exciting.
Real 50/50 for me. Second leg away for us doesn t worry me.
I confess i didn t see many city games this season but I m pleased with this draw and not because i consider city weak.


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1 Aug 2011
Who the hell is Shane?!?
We have never lost a champions league away tie by more than 2 goals. So I hoping that if we can scrape a draw or narrow loss we will still be able to win this tie

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