CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)


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4 Jun 2009
Some scouse knobhead on Talkshite now speculating what would happen if the ECA clubs refuse to play City and PSG. Gough also mentioning that City had the best lawyers and 'got away with it'.
Just heard the absolute bellend, got a short memory these Dippers, Scousers failed FFP several years ago.


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27 Jan 2014
I know this has been covered but for my benefit can someone explain again please. I thought anything over 5 years old had already been investigated, we had paid our pinch and been released by the settlement agreement. So why is this 'time barring' not a red herring because we had already 'done our time' for any breaches that occurred more than five years ago.


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18 Jan 2009
It's very clear that the press have taken the headline part of the decision about "the alleged breaches reported by the Adjudicatory Chamber of the CFCB were either not established or time-barred." and just reduced it down to "time barred".

So many pieces are coming out about how this is a technical victory, how there's no moral victory, how we just escaped through incompetence over timings. They are going to look so monumentally stupid if the CAS full judgement comes out and most of the charges were decided on the "not established" end of the spectrum and not the time-barred end.

They just never learn. We will be doing all of this again on Friday or whenever CAS publish it.
They seemingly refuse to accept that UEFA just didn’t have anything on City. Certainly not to the extent required. As if UEFA would have gone this far without realising that their own rules dictate there can be no punishment. I fully expect the details to show that each and every email they had was comprehensively rebutted by City with the true context of them being highlighted. They simply had nothing on us. Just a smear campaign, which in some ways was still somewhat successful.

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