Champions League Final | Post-Match Thread


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15 Jul 2009
Love Pep. We’ve had an amazing season. Very proud of the club for their efforts over the last 6 months.

But... biggest game in our history and you take our leader and coolest head out of the centre of the team. On a night where we might be nervous, and against a midfield with Kante and Mount we really needed Fernandinho in there, and literally everyone can see it other than Pep.

Bye bye Sergio. I really wish tonight was different for you.

great season, CTID


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18 Aug 2019
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Manchester City
Are Chelsea a better team? No
Do Chelsea have a stronger starting 11? No
Is Tuchel a better manager than Pep? No

So, why did we lose and where did it go wrong? Player mentality and Pep. One plays into the other. They say shit rolls down hill, so does confidence. Many players would of seen that starting 11 tonight and lost confidence, that is where it went wrong. The players internally would of questioned the managers decisions like many fans and that is what we seen play out on the pitch, lack of confidence and uncertainty.
If players are going to lose confidence that easily they don't deserve to be playing in a top football league anywhere. If our players bottled it that easily no wonder we lost.

Quite sad that most of you aren't capable of admitting it, but Chelsea's defence were brilliant tonight.


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1 Jul 2009
I’m still in shock that we’ve played that line up and let (IMO) a pretty average team beat us in a cup final. They have very few players to be genuinely terrified of like PSG or Real Madrid, or even United have in their ranks.

Pep has done great things for us but I’d really like to hear him accept responsibility for once and admit he made an error and in hindsight shouldn’t have been so radical.
Not a personal dig this but it's highly disrespectful to downplay how efficient this Chelsea team is.

Against Dortmund and PSG, they relied on key figures which he nullified over both legs - this Chelsea team are stubborn and actually fairly decent at counter attacking football. We struggle against teams who pack the defence such as Burnley et al, unfortunately they're counter attacking with top class talent and it shows.

I'm so disappointed tonight but it shouldn't take away from the season as a whole. If you would have told us in November/December time that we would canter the league, win a cup and get to the final of Europe I'm sure we would have bitten your hand off. Its just unfortunate that following on from the quarter and semi performances that this was so flat and ineffective as a whole.

I understand why Pep went for the system he went for, we struggled against them twice and he obviously thought that an extra attacker would pull them out of shape and Gundo could control the tempo but it just didn't work out for us tonight. I know people will point at systems and us not knowing it well enough but there's no chance we didn't work on this over the past couple weeks, there comes a point where we have to look at 5 yard passes going astray - I thought we looked nervous all game.

Personally, I think we misses the opportunity to play our best team in the last two games and keep everyone ticking over. It's a gamble in terms of keeping folk fresh but it's the first time we've put out a strong team and looked rusty for months.

I didnt think Sterling was particularly bad, James had his number but you can see he is devoid of all confidence on the pitch which is horrible to see. Jesus added something different when he came on without being overly threatening. I just wish that Pep made a change at half time and pulled Kev back into midfield where he put on an absolute clinic against Everton.

Fair play to Chelsea, not the most exciting team to watch but they will win more games than they lose in that system. Off for a few beers, enjoy your summer blues and save journey to everyone coming home from Portugal!


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8 Mar 2021
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I have already told that the only thing can stop man city win the CL title is Starting Sterling.
Pep is too arrogant to start sterling,
To make matters worse, Pep didn't start any DM. No rodri no Fernie.

Pep fucked up! Why change the mature line-up that is already proved can beat PSG?

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