Chelsea Thread - 2023/24

You win fuck all missing chances like that.
The commentary was disgraceful as well.
Sky should be ashamed of themselves.
Drury did a great job covering our game against the Villa a couple of seasons ago, but his sycophantic worship of all things Littlewoods is, frankly pathetic and nauseating.
Just thinking about who their worst signing is and it’s tough. Hard to order a top 5.

Lukaku £100m (ish) and out playing on loan on mega money.
Mudryk £80 odd million. Player without a brain, seemingly.
Enzo £105m Complete Meh of a player.
Caicedo £110m Ecaduadorian Robbie Savage.
Kepa £70 odd million. Cost them 2 league cup wins and caused Sarri to have a meltdown, amongst being generally rubbish.

Could add the defender from Leicester that cost £80m, but he’s been injured for most of his time there.

Tough to pick a winner when value for money is added too.
They make Raheem look like a bargain.

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