Dullest Football Since Pearce?

Dull as fuck, think Pep has done all he can now and can't get anything else from this set of players. It's the same tactics and style of play every game and the players are looking totally fucked off and bored with it. The two year contract extension is suddenly looking like a disastrous move on the clubs behalf, but Pep will be laughing all the way to the bank if he did get his marching orders or if infact he left off his own accord.
He should be concerned because this is turgid stuff he's churning out week in week out.

Not read all this thread and the others.

Assume the rose tinted spectacle brigade are clinging on to the 'no preseason' bollocks to explain our dismal performances.

Having lost the other two excuses of 'loads of injuries' and 'new players bedding in' the straw clutching must be pretty impressive. Off to the happy clapper thread to check on the sanity of the deluded fuckers on there!
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Check out the arrogance.
I wonder of all the threads, which ones have aged the worse?

This would be right up there.

This one was stillborn. Even at our worst this season, this was an absurd claim.
Under Pearce City had nowhere else to go in the style of football played. Under Pep at our weakest it was a plan that wasn't working well (to put it mildly). But Pep always has other places to go, tactically, never stops thinking about the game. Also, several players were out of form, faith was kept with them, and they have now brilliantly played themselves into form.
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