Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22


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6 Jan 2009
My take on Pep’s comment was that he meant the fans being more vocal, rather than it being a dig about the attendance. This seems to be borne out by his latest comments on the subject but accept it is just my opinion.

We were there on Wednesday in our regular seats and at one point, the atmosphere was a bit flat. It’s not uncommon at games when the singing fizzles out.

It’s a bigger problem at cup games - no matter which competition it is and I put that down to the change in fans.

Whilst there are a few of the season card fans sat around us at the cup games, many of the regulars don’t attend. That means we have fans that have either relocated seats or have just come for that game, many with kids.

They don’t sing and when we do, we’re re looked at as though we’re some sort of curiosity. Maybe they’re not comfortable singing along with a bunch of strangers or they don’t know the words to some of the chants.

Whatever the reason, that’s my experience of these games and it seems to be the same every season. If that scenario is replicated around the ground in each stand then it will have an impact on the atmosphere.


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18 Sep 2021
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Headline is twisted and sensationalist but he did say he would step aside if he was a problem for the fans. So not completely untrue but definitely egging the pudding.
To be blatantly honest as an outsider I don't see why City fans defend what he said. It is clear if you make tickets cheaper more fans attend mid-week dead rubber European ties. It is also clear he is earning more in a week than some of the fans in a lifetime.


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12 Dec 2010
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Been a casual lurker here for many years. Forced to join because of recent debacle. I have been watching the this scenario develop over a couple of days and I have to admit I am disappointed in our fans not regarding the attendance but reaction to Pep comments.

If you hear the interview pep gave you will understand what is put in the press in nothing what he said, its basically manufactured fake news. I am not sure why some fans here are trying to destroy pep instead of the media. It would be wise to spend your energy calling out the media for the fake news and trying to destroy them instead.

I still don't get why our fans don't develop the siege mentality against the media and go to war against them instead of being insecure. We are the champions of England and the most successful club of the decade, if the media stand against us we should go to war against them and destroy their fake news narrative instead of fighting among our-self.

Yeah the early leavers are the biggest problem, unless it is absolutely necessary there is no reason not to stay and applaud the palyers off.

Most stadiums have shite atmosphere nowadays, but we have a serious problem with the 80 minunte fire drillers.

And tbf spurs, burnley, leicester, qpr, swindon, barnsley and many many more grounds are equally a pain in the arse to get away from in a car coach so it is a poor excuse.

I will croticise the trams though, them cunts at the swamp have tonnes of doubles on when it's match day and also 3 seperate lines they can use. A tram line through gorton/openshaw near the old rd shouls have been planned years ago rather than another useless line to trafford park
Its always been wacky races with some city fans to leave early to beat being stuck in a traffic jam ,it will never change ,accept it .


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3 Sep 2020
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I don’t believe we can sell a sold ticket, the issue is a lot of our fans buy the tickets possibly season tickets. We do have limited fan base that simply cannot go to all matches. We buy a season ticket due to the fact that’s good value for money. I’m on the cup schemes but my mrs isn’t simply because of cost.
This is a big part of the problem. The price differential in certain parts of the stadium between season tickets and match day tickets is so vast that it pays to buy a season ticket even if you’re only planning on attending half a dozen or so matches.


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2 Apr 2012
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If the bald fraud is really that concerned perhaps he should put his hand in his pocket and show benevolence towards blues who would happily go if they could only afford it.

He won't do that of course but what he could do is STFU and stop fuelling the tabloids to have a cheap pop at us at every opportunity.
In what way is he a fraud? Bald I agree.


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17 Sep 2021
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The media will whip anything up but they'll certainly make an entire storm out of Pep's words.

Pep did not mention atmosphere or vocally supporting the team, he literally said ''I would like more people to come please', of course it's going to be interpreted as being disappointed in the attendance and pleading with more fans to come. He may have meant it in a rallying cry but it was totally botched and ultimately woefully unnecessary considering our home attendance.
well thats why I said English is not his native. So you should give him the benefit of doubt not the media. If you see the whole context of what he said and also listen to pre-match presser you can clearly understand his perspective. He was never questioning the support

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1 Sep 2016
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No, it's an honest question.

We all claim to be supporters, 100% behind the club, dyed in the wool Blues, happy clappers, moaners, fight to the end fans, season card holders, Cityzens, etc, but how many are actually members of the OSC?

Shouldn't OSC membership be a minimum expectation for all if us? It's the only officially recognised club for City fans. It's something that fans used to join at the first opportunity when I was a lad.

It's genuinely being a PART OF THE CLUB. An opportunity to actually contribute towards the club, share views and experiences face to face with fellow members and create a positive environment in which to spread the word.

If you're a true Blue, you should be in the OSC.
I don’t think people are getting what you’re getting at. You are correct, really.

However, a club’s/fanbase’s Official Supporters Club should be something that is a functioning body that acts for its supporters like City Matters but with far more power. When in reality the City OSC is just a collection of franchises that act to get tickets to games and provide coaches to get there. They are really nothing more than that, and that’s why not that many fans get involved with them.
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