how much do we wind other fans up?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Hammo99, 6 Jun 2019.

  1. hello


    30 Jun 2009
    This is exactly the way I see it down on the Isle of Wight, The locals who have season tickets at Southampton\Portsmouth\ Bournemouth in my local have no issue with us and appreciate the football we play and prefer to see us win over the rags\dippers. There's no match going rags or dippers whatsoever that I've met so all their fans fall into the typical armchair trolling wanker mode.
    The rest of them tend to support the London clubs and their attitude seems to be predetermined based on whether they cross the water and go to matches a few times a season or take the rag dipper esque support approach.
    Special mention to the Mackem that goes to pretty much every home and away game (about 5k in ferries alone) who actually admitted he would rather sit and watch Newcastle win a game than see Liverpool win the league.
  2. Exeter City?
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  3. cityblue123


    10 Sep 2017
    In all honesty i don't give a shite what any of them think. We were fortunate to get an owner who not only pumped money into the club but also the surrounding area. Whats not to like, there problem if they do. Water off a ducks back! Say what they want, i wont say 70%, 90%, id say 100% of those haters wish they had an owner like ours. Fuck em!
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  4. kalouk


    27 Apr 2010
    I don't know whether it's the people I follow online but I think we are the least arrogant of all the top six. I don't know if empathy is the reason but I never seen our fans have a go at clubs who haven't had our luck. They might have a go about a player who has been a twat when we play them but never belittling a club or their situation at the moment. I think this was reflected in how many people wanted us to win the league despite the media trying to convince people that they should support Liverpool. I think it's partly due to us having nothing to prove and being happy with where we are, others are having to delve back into their "history" to make themselves relevant.
  5. Fuck em all...the long and the short and the tall
  6. nijinsky


    28 Feb 2005
    Right. Thanks Hammo. Drug pushing and Crime lords? That's a new one. Thought it was just about looking down on us grubby money grabbing mortals but they're coming from even higher than THAT. At least they wont be The Skints much longer with all the merch they shifted through their succesful US tour and chart topping reggae tune. Wonder why the beef with Arse? They look nailed on Tarquins to me.
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  7. peace frog

    peace frog

    9 Jan 2009
    out of my tiny little mind
    Team supported:
    Manchester City Football Club
    How much do we wind others fans up ?
    We don't they wind themselves up
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  8. FootballSense


    29 Sep 2014
    He was at Brighton, not far to the left of me looking a little older, like the rest of us.
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  9. Hammo99


    27 May 2009
    Bury, Greater Manchester
    I don’t think it’s particularly football related I think they’ve picked Man City just because sterling plays for us, and sterling means money, Arsenal means guns etc. That’s my thinking anyway, it’s just a way to make their message relevant to the yout!
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  10. citizens_1976


    8 Aug 2007
    Would rather be hated and winning trophies than loved and lingering in mid table. Couldn't care less what people say about us on talksport or on any form of social media. I quite like being hated by the media tbh, gives me a good laugh!

    There's definitely an agenda against us because we are upsetting the Status Quo, but who cares? I'm enjoying all the bitter articles being printed about us and the lack of attention we are getting. It's actually very refreshing because it kinda just shows how good we are.

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