How's your mood after the RM game?

Gutted, but that's football, everything goes and you can lose after dominating and pressing THE Real Madrid at their own half practically. They parked the fkin bus at Etihad, scored a fluke goal

Hope Pep will take something out of this match and adjust so we can create and importantly score goals
Naturally disappointed.
But it’s April, and we are in a FA Cup semi final at Wembley on Saturday and top of the league, after dominating Real Madrid and losing a shootout in the Champions League Quarter finals.

Some, who aren’t here anymore, would have given anything to see us in this position.
Exhausted and naturally a bit deflated after last night. And frustrated that we should be sat in the Semi Finals now because I felt once again we were the better side over 2 legs. Chances wasted have cost us.

But we can't win them all and we've done a hell of a lot of winning the last few years. Still a big domestic double to go for so dust ourselves down and go again Saturday. It's the most incredible time to support this club.
Absolutely fine this morning.

The media can spout what they, but it was blatantly obvious who the best team were and who was trying to win the game. And it wasn't the Luton Town of Spain.

After last season, something had to give, pity it happend the way it did, but something had to.

Full on tilt for 4 in a row now......!!!
Last night I felt gutted and angry in equal measures, this morning you can add hungover into the mix.

Gutted in the sense we dominated those two games, clearly the better team and just things didn’t fall for us. The story of our season as we look good in spells but that killer instinct just missing.

Angry as a new found hatred for real has developed. Whinging, nasty and very cynical with the way they play and act. Bellingham is truly an unlikable chap.

Equally we came from the depths of the old division 2, so pull myself together, pinch myself at dominating real and we go again Saturday.

I do feel this summers it’s ripe for a slight changing of the guard. KDB I feel will explore the multi millions in Saudi, silva finally will get his 50 million move and I reckon Walker also will go abroad.

Let pep build his last squad with a younger and front footed edge. Frimpong, Savio, a lb and Paqueta and we go again.
I'm feeling fine. We battered Real, but luck didn't go our way and we lost through the lottery of penalties. We couldn't have done much more so we move on, last nights gone. Let the Scouse and rags and all the other haters have their childish sniggers and sneers, they could only wish they had the chance to get to the Q/F instead of fucking up royally in the group stages or playing the Thursday night "Who gives a fuck" league.

Two trophies to go for, both bigger than the one Cuntypool have won. Let's channel the hurt from last night and take it out on our opponents till the end of the season.

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