How's your mood after the RM game?

Honestly I feel okay and I think that's what is missing this season. Expected it to be a meltdown on here. There's that missing 1% in the team and us fans because we all have last season to dine on and I think we are all a little bit too "okay" with the result.

The atmosphere was good but not incredible like it needed to be. The reaction is disappointment but not despair like it should be when we have battered them.

Got to step it up from fans to players. Bernardo said we could be out of all three in a weeks time, and after the efforts of last night that is a possibility.

Time to step it up. A league and Cup double would be exceptional still, come on blues!
FA Cup would just be a bonus, winning the Prem is all that matters now.
Disappointed and hungover. These Madrid cunts always seem to luck it out in the end, just like they did 2 years ago. Frustrating.
Feels like we had chances to put the tie away both home and away, and they somehow managed to score absolutely every chance. We, as a team, do not seem to have that "edge" about us this season, which is why we struggle to beat the top teams. We need 3 or 4 legitimate starters in the transfer market. Someone like Neves, Paqueta, and maybe a RW or a new RB.
Just disappointment, we had the better of them but just couldnt take our chances, all a bit toothless in the end.
Considering we have been not quite on it for a lot of this season, im amazed we still have a chance of a great double.
Proud of this team
Woke up pissed off if I’m honest, watched a couple of high,ight if the game last night, you know when Kev puts over from 8 yards it wasn’t going to be our night, making Madrid play like Luton says it all. Let’s just hope we
bounce back now on Saturday.
It’s been better. I struggled to sleep trying to comprehend quite how we lost a match we dominated so much. Didn’t we have something like 35 shots to their 8? Madrid will feel very very lucky
Woke up even more chilled about than I was last night. You know you are top dog when Real Madrid come and stick 11 behind the ball for the majority of the game. Any other day we would have pierced that and won. Some days it just doesn’t go your way.

I find that competition quite draining if truth be told. The waiting for match day at this stage. The build up. With the monkey off our back it plays second fiddle to the league, which is what I now want us to go and win.

If any rag **** gives it out today, which I’ve seen plenty of since full time (another indication of where we are), show them this. At least we were in it you absolute dickheads.
3 horse race for the title, please let's not fuck it up
Gutted. Annoyed.

But buoyed by the fact we didn’t particularly deserve to go out. We’re a much better team than they are - have proved it 3 seasons running - but they just somehow manage time and time again to get through.

And you can see why they win the thing so mamy times with lady luck in there corner decade after decade

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