How's your mood after the RM game?

Disappointed but the loss doesn’t hit as hard when you’ve already won it. It’s hard to be angry when you’ve played the most successful (by far) team in the CL and had them playing like a relegation threatened PL side. I’m proud of the lads and sometimes it’s just not your day.

Absolutely. After a loss against another English team I’d feel distraught almost inconsolable for days. After last night the feeling I have is sadness but pride. No other supporters can snigger or laugh because if they watched last night they know that Real Madrid showed us respect the way they played. They sat back and tried to defend for there lives but managed to get over the line and beat us after 150+minutes of football plus penalties to beat us by 1 goal that hit the post a went in.
Couldn’t it have been a narrower margin.

We’ll played Blues you made me proud.

Now lets go and win the league and fa cup
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How far have we come the mighty Madrid came for pens.
We cant win everything every year would have given anything for this in the 90s.Would love to win the cup and league this team has given everything for us.Still plenty for us if we win the double it would be incredible,If we only win the league 4 in a row wow.If we win nothing so be it.No one can say that the team dont try or dont care.We turn up every time to beat us you need luck as well as a game plan and Ancelotti completly changed his last night we change for no one.
Enjoy this journey while it lasts because one day we could be utd,chelsea or god forbid the dippers.Lets have a great day at Wembley and get right behind the boys.
i really hope City will take a piss and sign everyone they want and let everyone cry.
Honestly I feel okay and I think that's what is missing this season. Expected it to be a meltdown on here. There's that missing 1% in the team and us fans because we all have last season to dine on and I think we are all a little bit too "okay" with the result.

The atmosphere was good but not incredible like it needed to be. The reaction is disappointment but not despair like it should be when we have battered them.

Got to step it up from fans to players. Bernardo said we could be out of all three in a weeks time, and after the efforts of last night that is a possibility.

Time to step it up. A league and Cup double would be exceptional still, come on blues!

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