How's your mood after the RM game?

Seriously pissed off. Not so much by the result but by our missed chances and two fucking awful penalties.
I know we'll be back next year but worried too many players will be knackered for Saturday.
Disappointing, by far the better team and should have just gone for it from the kick off like we did away. Shit happens, penoa are a lottery. Cant be greedy though so will just have to settle for four prems in a row and back to back FA cups and hopefully go for quad next season
I’m cool with it , I’ve lived a lot more city disappointments than this , my nerves weren’t great but more nervous during a league game so that tells me that winning the the prem is more important than this . IMHO
Disappointed to lose tonight but I've seen us win it all and lose it all over the years so my perspective now is we can't win everything every year. We simply crack on again next season, compete with the best and do our best.
Phlegmatic. Said at the start of the season that this would be the worst we would be for the next three seasons (so many young players, especially up front) and what with injuries having caught up with us, so I'm surprised we've still been in the hunt.
We absolutely battered them. Disappointed but never felt so sure that we are the best team in the world. Real Madrid have turned up and parked the bus worse than fucking Burnley - we will be back and will win this trophy again. On to Saturday now.
Absolutely gutted. But early reflections we really were better team by a distance and football very fickle, so that game finishes 4-1 and it's warranted.

Actually said before I fancy us more Saturday if we went out tonight, pep might risk 1 or 2 more tired players now.

Can't say not devastated Blues but we really shouldn't be too disheartened, if thats the right word.

And at least now can book train to Forest.

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