If Celtic and Rangers are so big.. how come they only have 1M and 500k instagram followers?


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26 Jan 2013
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Rangers have a million fans in Scotland alone, that's one in five of the population. Maybe they are all old and not on't tinternet


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29 Sep 2013
Simply the EPL is watched worldwide where as the SPL is not

Exactly. Rangers & Celtic's worldwide following is mostly made up of ex pats, Scottish or Irish that have relocated. They have supporters clubs all over the world, bars in a lot of tourist places in Spain, Turkey & the like.

However, they will have very little presence in the likes of Africa & Asia where a high proportion of the Social Media followers will come from.

The EPL is so big that like other parts of the world, a lot of people in Scotland have an EPL 2nd club. I myself are guilty of that. The league itself is the brand, more so than any individual club.

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