It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders


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30 Jun 2019
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Manchester City
Leicester close to signing Patson Daka for 25m, top player and for a great fee as well. Sure we would have to have paid double that if we wanted him.

That is an incredible fee for a very promising player. I agree, we would probably have been expected to pay in the 40m mark.

Part of me still thinks he wouldn't have got a work permit for us, whereas with Leicester he will as their average wage is lower.


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20 May 2009
Kane decision next hours or days according to romano.

no chance that happens imo and we could have done without a long drawn out striker chase imo this summer. Difficult i know with the euros etc but depending how far england go and if it is kane sorting a move or going on holiday etc and then the short turnaround before the season is back it wont give pep too much time with any new players before we start again? could disrupt the team abit and we have a pretty tough first few games as well?


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28 Feb 2007
Taking it one game at a time
If you watched the game you'd have seen it. His whole bodyshape was wrong so he always looked to pass left, and when he did pass right it was after a couple of touches to shift his body. It killed Spain's momentum.

I did have the game on with varying levels of concentration and I know how Laporte tended to shape up but it wasn't a disaster fro Spain him playing there, nor was it his fault they didn't score.

And no one is suggesting he should play there regularly for City but I am sure that he and Ake could play together and keep clean sheets in some games next season if we needed them to.

Let's see if he does keep playing on the right for Spain and how he shapes up after a few games there if he does continue there.

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1 Oct 2011
For me my preference for a striker would be Messi, then Haaland, then Lukaku and then Kane. Messi is not going to happen, Haaland looks impossible this year and Lukaku has said he is staying at Inter. That leaves Kane and it would cost a fortune so I would even go as far as saying, I would prefer someone else to Kane but who I have no idea (Felix but he is not the striker we need)

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