It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders

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21 May 2021
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You don't buy a player like Harry Kane every day.

That's what makes it protracted. They aren't readily available.

If City end up paying top whack, neither the board or us should care.

We got our man. No precedent is set, simply because strikers will always go for the top dollar and this transfer covers us for the next five years.

The options are very small indeed, especially so, when Haaland and Mbappe will be improving rivals over the next 12 months and Chelsea have already covered that base.

We would be overpaying for anyone else and they wouldn't be in Kane's class.
sounds like we are in prime position to cave to levy's demands on transfer deadline day lol


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21 May 2013
No exception. Same reason he fucked off Ibrahimovic, he can't stand that type of ego in his dressing room, irrespective of their talents.

People have questioned why Pep values Kane so highly?

It's every bit as much about his character off the pitch as his goals on it.
Remember when Pep turned up he moved out who he believed would hamper him both on the pitch but also inside the dressing room

Out went Joe Hart, Nasri & the clash's with Yaya were short lived

Going in for Ronaldo is all wrong even CFG signing him for NYC

If Kane doesn't happen then we go with what we have imo & throw everything at Haaland for next year


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3 Jul 2008
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Need you ask?
Never a Pep player, not even in his prime.

One thing Pep puts above everything else is self sacrifice.

Ronaldo has always been him first and team second.

Whilst many will argue it correlates with success for him, it is not the way Pep wishes his dressing room to be.

Still Kane train.
According to many on here, it's the Kane replacement bus service.

tolmie's hairdoo

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20 Feb 2008
Waiting for Axelrod to return...

I especially liked when Pep also said this summer that we could not afford to pay £100m for a player.

He paid £70m for Ibrahimovic and fucked him off the first time he ignored his request to drive the club sponsored Audi instead of his Ferrari Spyder.

I recall Thierry Henry saying how he scored two goals and came in to the dressing room at half time Barca buzzing.

Pep subbed him and told him if he ignored his instructions again he would never play for him again.

I don't think Pep is blind to what Ronaldo has been as a player.

Has been, being the operative word.
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