It's Quiet Thread 15 - Txiki Blinders


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30 Jun 2019
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Manchester City
This summer they will be lucky to get 50 million, the offer last summer was more than enough.

I very much disagree with that. Lets see how it plays out. I think theyl get 85m easily for him this summer, probably more. And thats what was offered last summer so nothing lost, and a year gained havign the player. Plus, last summer they woulda paid us 15% of that, this summer that may not be the case if that ends up being part of a deal for haaland.


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30 Apr 2009
WTF, are there gradations, nuances and shades of rejection that I'm unaware of? He didn't want to join City. That's it. End of. What was the poor hack supposed to write?
The hack was doing his job - asking a leading question that would provoke a headline grabbing soundbite.

Of course there are shades!

1. One shade is "Fuck Manchester, and Manchester City, I wouldn't be seen dead there."

2. Another shade is "Guardiola is a great coach, I don't mean any disrespect to him personally, I just think PSG and Paris is a better fit for me at 17 than Manchester and Manchester City."

In my opinion, he meant 2, but it's being interpreted by many with a sense of insecurity on here as 1.

Chi-town blues

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5 May 2012
I think what he said has been completely misconstrued.

He decided to go to PSG, which is absolutely fair enough for a 17 year old kid from Paris.

He was asked why he'd "snubbed Guardiola".

The journalist was clearly trying to create a headline with the tone of that question, and he got one.

Mbappe said he'd not snubbed Guardiola personally, he'd snubbed the club.

I don't think he in any way implied any disrespect towards the club or the city.

If anything, I think he was trying to be respectful to Guardiola saying he'd not snubbed him personally.

Maybe a better way of expressing what he meant is if he said "By signing for PSG, it's not a snub to Guardiola as a person, I just chose PSG over City."

It was a ****'s trick by the journalist.
I think he chickened out of playing in England
and at that age it was best decision for his development to stay in france .
Again football is all business at the end of the day and stuffs written by shit stirring journo means fuck all if all parties come together.


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4 Jun 2009
Yep. 2 spots if carson stays, 3 if he leaves and is replaced by an academy keeper that counts as club trained in CL. More likely we bring in another keeper with experience though and leaves 2 spots.

We should be looking at Kieren Westwood for no. 3 keeper. He’s local, club trained so wouldn’t take a spot and he’s out of contract at Sheffield Wednesday who are about to be relegated.


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6 Jun 2015
The lad Yangel Herrera that Rascal mentioned recently is certainly being considered, but in conjunction with at least one more midfielder, City have steered.
Would make sense given the Sander Berge news, also would seem to indicate that Dinho is leaving come the end of the year.


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21 May 2013
Sterling sounds like it could be a bit longer yet, talks not opened as yet with Foden.

But yep, expect all three to be done at some point before the summer is out.

Stones is more urgent.
Cant believe Foden on £12.000 surely after Stones is done Phil along with Sterling will be next in line

Can also see Gundagun, Jesus, Mahrez being looked at with there deals also 2 years away

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