Kalvin Phillips interview in the Sunday papers

Read the actual interview in The Guardian that's linked on the first page of the thread. There's nothing bad in what he says. All the sun has done is spun the words into a few sensational phrases that their readers can understand and be annoyed about.

The last couple of games he's played and the mistakes made show why he wasn't really suitable for us, but the fault of that lies with us. Surely the video analysts would have picked up that his first touch wasn't what we needed and someone could have asked Bielsa?

From previous interviews with him, he seems down to earth and very much influenced by his family. From something I know, he's a thoughtful, kind lad and I wish him the best at West Ham. He wasn't right for us and the requirements Pep puts on players, especially midfielders, but that doesn't make him a bad player or deserving of some of the personal abuse he's had on here at times.
Should he not be doing his talking on the pitch?
Enjoy your new misery should learn to keep your mouth shut…. Lovely boy … bollocks
There’s absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever in what Phillips has said here. He’s just talking about how tough it was for him, which it obviously was.
The fact he gave the interview is, in itself, wrong. Like the Amazon documentary, it made no sense. We are still his employers. The fans and the manager, save for one incident when Kalvin was unprofessional, have given him total support. You don't go to the press. Save it for your autobiography.
If that headline ("My City Misery") is true, and I'm sceptical given who the paper is, then I'm disappointed in him. To me, players having a dig at their formers club are displaying a lack of class. Yes even former rags and cultists. It's not a good look.

And no; I haven't read the article, and have no intention of doing so.
I haven't read it either but i think he's burned his bridges of returning back here. I think we'll probably accept a low ball offer from Leeds as i cant see any other club wanting him.
Nice lad and good player. Hung out to dry by Pep, but clearly couldn't operate as the player Pep hoped.

Anyone slagging him, the lad has achieved more in his short career than any of you will in a lifetime. Hope he goes on and has a successful club and country career elsewhere. He didn't down tools or show bad attitude, it just didn't work out.

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