League or Champions League?

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Which would you rather win?

  1. Premier League

  2. Champions League

  1. LeeJay


    11 Jan 2019
    Team supported:
    Manchester city
    It would be amazing to win the CL, especially this year as it's David's last season with us.

    I'm not sure that Pep, or anyone in the team, would want to take their eyes away from the league though - winning a triple premiership is something more than special.

    And, however much the boys want the CL, the premier league triple is at least equally as wonderful.

    We're in a unique position of defending titles now, already defended the PL, the Charity Shield, and set to defend the league cup (again) and the FA cup and Pep won't want to drop a game, but i think he's been building a team with enough depth to battle all fronts this season, and i can't help but think this time next year we'll have defended everything and won the CL too - as has been said above, it will be the icing on the cake.
  2. edinburgh123


    2 May 2011
    You must be young or from abroad to think they are of equal importance :-). Premier League triple (and by that you mean Top Flight triple) means we will be one year away from setting a record NEVER been done before - 4 on the trot. (A bit like our record of holding all domestic honours - only ever done before by Preston and Villa in the 19th Century when there were only 2 trophies to play for). That isn't "equally wonderful" than winning a corrupt cup - that is 100 times more important. Personally my only interest in Chumps League is to shut people up who say we haven't won it. But in truth there is absolutely no comparison in winning Domestic League over some trumped up Euro Cup
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  3. Scaring Europe to Death

    Scaring Europe to Death

    31 Oct 2014
    For me, our imposing Plan A pressing style is more suited to the grinding consistency of the Premier League, and a hat trick of consecutive titles would be a glittering achievement.

    The Champions League is more death-or-glory, and regardless of VAR trauma, we know only too well that one tactical error or missed penalty can prove disastrous.

    However, I wouldn't be too disappointed if City won the CL and Tottenham won the PL, especially when I consider the hole in my wallet from trips to Moscow and beyond.
  4. salfordbluetrue


    2 Jul 2013
    EPL always the CL will come and we only need 6 to piss liverpool but the EPL is harder and it will take 13, i would not mind betting the we do the 6 before we do 21 EPL`s
  5. Airbags Optional

    Airbags Optional

    1 Oct 2011
    League every day of the week for me, you only have to win one game to win the CL
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  6. Uncle Wally One Ball

    Uncle Wally One Ball

    3 Jan 2009
    We havent been very near since it have we, that has been pretty much ensured. I dont enjoy CL games, not anything about them. The league system is shite, the 2 leg knockouts are too tactical, it is seemingly illegal to challenge for the ball, the standard of refereeing is a joke, there is barely concealed bias and we get hammered in the press for quite rightly booing their stupid little tune. I wont be putting myself through it, Im not interested. Let the dippers play in their new club. UEFA didnt care about their feral supporters rioting when our players arrived to take part in it so they can get fucked as far as Im concerned.
  7. jimharri


    30 Dec 2007
    Surrounded by the dark side of the force
    If you win the CL, having only won one game, you'll have performed a miracle. Getting out of the group with a maximum of 3 points would be some achievement.

    I do know what you're getting at. But it's an oversimplification to say you only need to win the final. I'd say four wins (three in the group stage), then draws all the way to the final, getting through on away goals or penalties)
  8. cibaman


    13 Nov 2008
    We don’t really have an option other than to go all out for both the PL and the CL. The real question is how seriously should we treat the domestic cups
  9. MeatHunterrr


    24 Apr 2014
    We have to take them seriously. We won't keep this squad happy with just PL and CL games. Hell, we have Cancelo and Walker at right back, both probably top 5 right backs. None of them wants to sit on the bench regularly for example

    I prefer the PL over CL.
  10. cibaman


    13 Nov 2008
    I think that applies to the earlier rounds. The problem is that last season we ended up playing an extra fixture in December before the Christmas pile up, two midweek fixtures in January when our rivals are recovering from Christmas and then three rearranged midweek fixtures at the end of the season. Something has to give.

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