Leicester (A) Post Match Thread


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14 Aug 2015
Great performance against a team that has a good record against us, and personally I cannot stand and despise the way they play.

De Bruyne MOTM for me, he's on a whole new level, wrapt for Mendy to grab a well taken goal, and Jesus who I thought deserved a goal based on his performance.

Onto the week ahead now, and the crucial month ahead. Excited for the Dortmund game, think it will be a cracker.


12 Sep 2008
This was our so called 'second team' give or take, with 3 exceptions, yet we were away after the international break and bossed the 3rd best team in this league! We were superb, from 1st minute til last, we are so well coached it's scary... that bench, with only 9 men would win the league. Tonight was a thing of beauty, once in 90 minutes did one of the best counter attacking team even get near us, the league is deservedly done, the rest is pure knock out, but and it's a big BUT this lot could really win the everything. We are so lucky to witness this


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7 Jan 2012
Really enjoyed the calm of that.

Was like watching a consummate boxer carry his opponent around for 12 rounds to give people a show, without ever sticking their chin out.

We are the Mayweather or Calzage of football.

People wonder what all the fuss is about but it takes true greatness to make decent opponents look like they are participating in a different sport.

Kev and Fern were immense.
The boxing analogy is a good one.
In the past we've been prepared to stand and trade blows and take a few heavy hits to try and land the ko ourselves.
We seem happier this season to have the confidence that when a opportunity arises we'll deliver the killer punch.


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23 Aug 2005
I accept Kun blocked Schmeichels view of Fernandinho's strike today. It reminded me of when Everton had an injury time winner disallowed for the same reason despite the fact the attacking player was sat down on the grass. No guesses for who got let off.



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10 Nov 2019
Team supported
Big win for us that.

A potential Banana skin stepped over in our pursuit of the Title.

It really is their Cup Final.

We never really looked troubled all game.

I thought Mendy took his goal incredibly well.

At first I thought Sterling had over cooked the chance.

Well done Benjamin.

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