Liverpool (A) Post Match Thread


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21 Nov 2010
Game plan was spot on.

Shocking penalty miss cost us the game.

I'd have took a point beforehand so I aint going to complain too much.

Top of the league having played Liverpool away, it's all in our hands.

Yep. 100% happy with a point from Anfield regardless of how the match played out. Our bogey-est game out of the way without a loss. That's a good day.

That and Liverpool are average and can get to fuck thinking they're in the same class as us.


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18 Nov 2017
Letting Mahrez take the penalty when he has missed 4 of his 7 latest pens (before this one) is absolutely shocking. But this is a very good result IMO. After 8 games we have the same amount of points as Liverpool, and the worst game of the season is out of the way. There are 90 points left to play for and we have way better depth than Liverpool. I've never been more happy with a draw in my life

Heath Park

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23 Feb 2018
Gutted. Only plus point is I thought Liverpool would win it after that.
How must Jesus be feeling now (what a way to destroy his confidence...)
Mendy scares me big time.

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