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30 May 2004
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Spitty in the Telegraph....

Yes, Man City have a persecution complex but Jurgen Klopp was wrong to call FFP verdict 'not good for football'

"But disagreeing with the rules is no justification for obstructing investigators examining if a club has broken them.

City’s gleeful response to a reduced punishment of £9 million based on technical deficiencies in the disciplinary process exposed the depth of their persecution complex.

Upon hearing the verdict, they
reacted with the joy you expect when a club wins a trophy, Pep Guardiola posting a selfie before setting his sights on Uefa for trying to implement rules and the clubs pressuring the governing body to do so.

The most laughable image is of City being a lilywhite organisation subject to attack from a hostile cabal of eight elite clubs. For the record, one of the eight clubs is Burnley. I am not sure how City, or those pleading on City’s behalf, can make the argument they are revolutionaries fighting the system and keep a straight face. Oil-rich sovereign nations are not and never will be ‘plucky underdogs’.

Add to that the content of an email from a City lawyer joking about the death of one of Uefa’s overseers and, whatever the rights and wrongs of how those documents were obtained and leaked, you find yourself in danger of losing balance on that moral high ground.

In summary, the outrage towards City and City’s outrage is pure tribalism. It demeans everyone when the juvenile spats of social or even mainstream media are encouraged and fed by the clubs."
No way could he have written that, the man is illiterate.


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10 Dec 2014
In a Scouse plegm like accent:

Yeah yeah yeah but but but, 100 points isn't important, but it's great that we won it with the most games to spare!! Contradictory tw*t

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3 Jun 2012
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Simon Stone

BBC Sport

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola insists his view of champions Liverpool has not changed because of their failure to match his side's 100-point tally from 2018.

However, according to Guardiola, it does underline how hard it was.

"It doesn’t cancel the season that Liverpool have had," he said. "They could get 99 points, which is incredible and we congratulate them on that.

"But 100 points is not easy. One day the record will be broken, but with the season they have had without getting there shows how incredible ours was two seasons ago.”


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6 Jun 2011
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I’ve just read on the MEN site that Littlewoods dropped as many points in five games as they did in the previous 31.

So despite a three month break, they’re fucked, both physically and mentally.
Yep, and i don't see them signing anyone of the quality to break into their fabled 'best attack & defence ever.' And no one can replace Captain Hendo.... so another season of flogging them to death beckons....

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1 Sep 2013
We got more chance of getting on fantasy Island than in the CL
I think they have cleared a few bin bags from the site on the docks and stuck down two jumpers for a goal? I would love to stay at the old dear that is Goodison, but it seems you gotta move with the times. I have no idea what their real plans are over a new stadium? something is going on at the area they intend to use, but no idea if even more poshy flats will appear, or a Beatles Disneyland, or a Kopite Prison?

All I know is we are awful at the moment and that Carlo needs to wave some serious magic. Hopefully, Uncle Usm will give us an open book and we can buy our way up there in the next few years. I mean, kopites heads exploding everywhere, I would take that.
I can’t remember the match but City had an unannounced fans vote whereby we were just given a slip of paper when we were going through the turnstiles, it was basically tick a box whether you wanted to move or not.

Albeit I knew we had to move I loved Maine Rd that much I was a pussy and didn’t vote. The right decision was taken and we’ve still got our memories, some of which are best forgot anyway.

If the opportunity arises to move, grab it.
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