Media Thread - 2020/21

27 Feb 2018
Exactly how I feel about them.
I'm from old trafford as the user name suggests but I only dislike the rags compared to the hate I now have for this lot after the bus incident. We should never have agreed to have kicked off on time, sod the tv companies - no doubt uefa would have fined us more than them but it would have been worth it to try and make a point about what had happened.


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7 Nov 2010
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Thanks for that. I hadn't seen that particular clip before and it serves to reinforce the poor policing of the incident. It seems to be on the corner by the Arkles and the turn is off the dual carriage way into the short stretch up to the ground which would make an ideal ambush position with everything being quite narrow and compressed. The police should have had a plan B with a diversion of some sort.
The whole thing does not reflect well on the fans or the police but more so on the media who did little to condemn the animals.
They were stood on the top of the riot vans throwing bottles, bricks and fireworks at our coach as the police stood and watched. Not one Liverpool fan arrested, how can that be as it all filmed and clear as daylight.

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