Nedum Onuoha thank you for your honesty.

I bought his book. So I’ll see if he mentions it. Personally I feel Mancini did make a mistake but who am I to say? :-)

I liked Nedum even before last night and last night just consolidated my opinion of him. (Hero worship? :-) )
Has Jonny Boy got a rival then EB?? X

Nedum is a true gentleman, he deserves to be in the punditry spotlight more. Alas, he is too intelligent for the masses.
Doesn't surprise me in the slightest. But from my point of view he is one of the few pundits who in his analyses actually points out things that I wouldn't otherwise have seen. Doesn't cheerlead for City — which I emphatically don't want — doesn't bend over backwards to criticise them either, just to prove he's “objective”. Just calls it as he sees it. Also the only true blue working in punditry, which is pleasant to know, even if it doesn't skew his analysis (thank God).
A credit to the club.
Never saw him play, but I do sort of get the impression that Mancini made the wrong call there. Nothing to really back that up, though.
I watched him, along with Micah, in our youth teams and thought they would be an England partnership for years to come. Nedum was a much better player than Micah at that time but suffered injuries at the wrong times. He was fast and clever. I think he could have had a stronger career with an elite club (at least a CL club) if he had got the right breaks at the right time.
Personally I think he would have got in a Pep team (at least as a squad player). You need luck in football as well as skill. I met his mum a couple of times at away matches. She was his biggest fan who attended all his games and you couldn't have met a nicer woman. Nedum is a credit to our club.
His book is a great read and I love him as a pundit. It is a crime that neither BT, Sky or MOTD haven't signed him up given his educated and eloquent style.
I'm hopefully (please Santa) getting his book for Xmas. Like you I've always wondered why nobody has signed him up. He's clearly very articulate and very knowledgeable without any of the chummy, sensational-seeking, OTT matey-ness we get from the others. I really like listening to him.
Just as an aside, I think Ned has got a great voice for listening to, it's like treacle. I bet he could have been one of those base singers in the soul groups back in the day.

Absolutely on the money. If I were a woman, I would go weak at the knees (or some other strong biological reaction situated slightly higher…)
Nedum attended our branch meeting last night. What a great session we had. He was honest, articulate, funny and serious.
But above all, knowledgeable and obviously a true, through and through Blue.

Plus a true gentleman. As I left he caught up with me as I walked back to my car and he opened the door for me, making sure I was ok. So what you may say but remember I am walking at half his speed, with a walking stick, so he could have just walked past me and carried on to his own car.

If your branch gets the chance go for a visit from Nedum. JMHO.

He even, poor lad, had a photo taken with me! *lol*
What? It looks like we have a "Mike/Ken/Deirdre" scenario playing out here.

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