North Stand Expansion

And even if the money was available, there's not a cats chance anything would be sorted in just two years (barring perhaps, squadrons of shuttle buses).
I know city and co op arena shouldn’t have to pay for it all, but perhaps an investment in the tram network of £10 to £20 million might be enough to focus minds and infrastructure to get 7-8 doubles into town and 3 to ashton within 30 mins each before start and finish of the game? Think trams cost about £4M each perhaps we could buy a couple of them, maybe even make them seatless for short trips back to town say taking 500 people instead of 400? Rest of the money could be used for extra tram line to hold queueing trams and power infrastructure.
Expand the bus network from 17 to over a hundred and make the walkway back to town under a canopy and that’s it pretty much sorted.
I also think the roads back to the motorway from the ground clog up too easily. Probably too much to expect better roads but safe easy park and ride nearer the motorway with regular trams would get people away well imo.
Like I said, I wouldn't get too excited just yet. Lots of groundwork still taking place.

I've included the Coop Live Arena pictures. Which is starting to look really good externally as it's getting closer to completion, including the foliage. 2nd picture.







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I'll have to bring my 6ft stepladders next time ;-) as there's really only one good vantage point for pictures over the hoardings. :-(






Have you got the timeline? I'm sure somebody posted it on here?

How long until we see Steel going up and how far are we behind?
I love watching construction sites, I am retired and in my 70th year now, and getting bored with the same old scenery, keep posting these developments to make an ageing man happy

Some good stuff for you in here

N2 boxes closing after the Copenhagen game, internal isolations and strip out to then commence.

Have they put support columns in the lower and upper tier yet?

I know they did this with the south stand but wasn’t sure if it had happened with the north stand.

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