PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

Do we really need another 'beat ourselves up' thread. We have 400+ pages of blues arguing with each other already?
Why are you even considering that? I don't get this "what will happen in the worst case" thing. We get it. We will be fucked, directors will be going to jail and auditors will be sued. But it isn't going to happen. And certainly no-one knows any details of the charges to make a sensible analysis at this point.

Do you get up in the morning and say, shit, what happens if I get run over by a truck today?

Let nature take its course, confident in the club's ability to counter, and we can reconcile ourselves with the consequences, if there are any, later.
IF you get hit by a truck, you may/probably will want to know from a Doctor if you are going to be ok and what the prognosis might be. You are unlikely to lie back and "let nature take its course". Well, most people wouldn't.
During this shit storm, there is no way that Pep should face the media by himself in press conferences. He’s not a solicitor or accountant and shouldn’t have to field questions about the allegations.
There needs to be someone by his side who will shut down any journalists who go down that route. Start banning them if they continue
This ^
appreciate your plain reading and speaking on the matter. I have heard that if the panel indeed finds us guilty we can take it to the UK high court to challenge it. how do you think that process will work? and how long will that litigation take?
Straightforward cases take years to get to a High Court hearing. We have to go through several processes before we even need to start anything in the High Court, and each process needs to look at, potentially, a decades worth of leaks; filing cabinets full of documents; reams of legal arguments.
If there is no compromise, I'd strap yourself in for a good 7 - 10 years. And the good news is that, if we lose there, we'll almost certainly be going to the Supreme Court for an appeal.
City can afford all that. Pretty expensive for the Premier League though. It'll cost many a million before we're done.
Better get used to it!
Thanks Stefan, all confusing for a simpleton to understand! lol
This all smacks of a rehash of the original charges brought by UEFA but this time the allegations go right from the start of the takeover. Like someone wrote on here yesterday, do you really think after being sanctioned in 2014 we wouldn't make doublely sure of of financial dealing as not to break the rules. The hateful eight are desperate to get City out of the Premier League absolutely desperate. I heard one so called financial expert this morning saying that Chelsea wouldn't fall foul of the FFP rules because they spread their transfer payments and have a long line of academy player to sell, hello , doesn't that sound the same as us? Why is it different for City? Sky also reporting that Premier League clubs want City to be immediately relegated, like I said desperate.
They are, in effect, claiming City deceived the PL, their auditors and multiple other bodies and filed fake accounts and fake financial forecasts. For at least 9 years. That's the extraordinary allegation.
It will refer to the inflated sales of meat 'n potato pies 'n Bovril in the season following the first trophy win. We need to explain how we sold 100,000 pies per game when the MUEN had felt-tipped in so many empty seats!

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