PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

The cunts have already done exactly why they wanted here.

Season disrupted, media onboard and onside, Pep leaving, points deductions, titles taken away and even relegation being touted as givens.

It really is time we took the gloves off and fought these cunts with everything we have.
Calm down fella. It's chip wrappers.
complicit or stupid
So really the pl are saying that the club,other shareholders,auditors,solicitors,sponsors are all involved,and are risking their reputation,their livelihoods by doing so.I really don’t think so,just hope the club prove their innocence and drag the whole lot down
Why are you even considering that? I don't get this "what will happen in the worst case" thing. We get it. We will be fucked, directors will be going to jail and auditors will be sued. But it isn't going to happen. And certainly no-one knows any details of the charges to make a sensible analysis at this point.

Do you get up in the morning and say, shit, what happens if I get run over by a truck today?

Let nature take its course, confident in the club's ability to counter, and we can reconcile ourselves with the consequences, if there are any, later.

Sorry but it's been a thread full of people talking about worst case scenarios, people talking about relegation to the conference and all the rest of it and of course the cesspit that is social media discussing matters of the very same question which I asked Stefan.

It's better to have some clarity and insight is all. By the same token that I don't wake up every day wondering if I'll get hit by a truck, do you think an accused person at court doesn't ask the potential repercussions should they be found guilty of a serious crime?

Ignoring it might do you a favour but then you may as well ignore the full thread in that case?

I know that nobody knows for sure at this stage, but I just asked for his (PR's) best early guesswork, I don't see the issue with that.
Why are no journalists asking why the PL have kept all these supposed breaches under their hat for over a decade? If we were obstructing due process over a decade ago, why "weren’t charges brought then?

It’s almost like it’s a witch hunt.
That's exactly what I was thinking - once a set of accounts is filed would they not have their own beancounters going over it for any 'anomalies', and finding discrepancies. We had top lawyers at CAS, I suppose we entrust our accounts, not to some Johnny with an office down Crumpsall, but to a highly reputable company. So we have hoodwinked them? The whole thing is just another episode in the PL soap "Let's fuck City!
I've actually deleted all football subscriptions on youtube, podcasts, don't read any sport supplements on the media i've even deleted BBC sport so i'm completely oblivious to what's going on in the world of sport simply for my own mental well being and sanity ,he match is it as far as i am concerned. I personally can't alter anything so it's a case of que sera sera.
What is the likelyhood that should (when) we prove that the charges are unfounded and not true, that we sue the PL for damages (and whatever else applies)

Surely this current situation has the potential to take the PL otganisation down in flames

If our club has the evidence to prove no wrongdoing then i want us to go after the PL and whoever else was involved - no stone unturned, none of this passive victory shite
This has to be the tipping point for us now. Just to be proven innocent will not be enough I hope. We took that route after CAS. The retribution must be merciless and calculated, if not they will come again.

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