PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

Would there be any negative consequences for the PL or personally for any persons on that side, when they loose this battle? What is at stake for them? Does anyone have an idea about that?

Probably not much aside from the media saying the "PLs ffp rules are a farce" or some nonsense.
Why are no journalists asking why the PL have kept all these supposed breaches under their hat for over a decade? If we were obstructing due process over a decade ago, why weren’t charges brought then?

It’s almost like it’s a witch hunt.
They've been insisting that the verdict from CAS was a fix and was actually a guilty verdict 'cos we got stung with a £10m fine for not 'helping' UEFA to brief the national and continental press with the information we supplied, so we stopped supplying and waited for the CAS verdict.
During this shit storm, there is no way that Pep should face the media by himself in press conferences. He’s not a solicitor or accountant and shouldn’t have to field questions about the allegations.
There needs to be someone by his side who will shut down any journalists who go down that route. Start banning them if they continue
What is the likelyhood that should (when) we prove that the charges are unfounded and not true, that we sue the PL for damages (and whatever else applies)

Surely this current situation has the potential to take the PL otganisation down in flames

If our club has the evidence to prove no wrongdoing then i want us to go after the PL and whoever else was involved - no stone unturned, none of this passive victory shite
Why are no journalists asking why the PL have kept all these supposed breaches under their hat for over a decade? If we were obstructing due process over a decade ago, why weren’t charges brought then?

It’s almost like it’s a witch hunt.

Very good point, it doesn’t say much for the competition and governance of the Premier League that they could have looked for and found this stuff back in 2014 when Uefa threw the book at City. Why didn’t they act then if City’s accounts reflected wrong doing and since then City have landed 4 more league titles after that.

Other question regarding Uefa and the Premier League, the Premier League’s investigation began at exactly the same time Uefa began the process of attempting to ban City from the champions league. The focus of Uefa’s investigation fell down on time barred information from before 2014, the Premier League’s investigation goes all up to the 2017-18 season. If this is the case why aren’t Uefa trying to ban City from the Champions league for the later accounts? Uefa have looked at them and not picked anything up however the Premier league has.
Unfounded speculation that mate. The SFO would be leading those sorts of charges, not the PL.
As someone who personally led the defence of major false accounting claims in civil proceedings, prosecuted a civil claim for negligence against an auditor and for over 5 years led the (successful) defence of a public company being investigated by the SFO, I'd say my speculation is well founded. I say that merely to establish my own credibility on these matters.

There is simply no other way to read section 1 of the PL charges. These matters rarely start with the SFO but they can progress to the SFO (not that I am saying that will happen).
Khaldoon should pull the racism card out and see how they handle it, say there has been a witch hunt of Arab owners from the start uefa and a premier league, if there isn’t why aren’t they investigating the American owners etc. Let’s see them squirm at that. Chelsea drop £500 million and no one bats an eyelid this comes after their Russian owner was banned, i dont see anyone up in arms about that, is it because they are white. City should go on the attack now stop puss footing about trying to be nice and not offend anyone, they don’t want us well fuck em let’s rip them a new one

I have actually always believed this, but you'll never — never in a million years — get them to admit it. It is the racism that dare not speak its name.
Actually, I think there's something else behind it, which is an even bigger issue, and which is geopolitical. For a long time now, certainly since the first oil shock of 1973, the west has deeply resented the fact that most of the world's petrol was in the Arab countries of the Middle East. (That's apparently changed recently — Venezuela, amazingly, has the world's biggest oil reserves, but nobody resents that of course, and they are followed by Canada — Exxon, Texaco and all the others are very big in Edmonton, of course, and very little attention is being paid to the ecology of Alberta, I was told by Canadians, but hey, everybody's at the trough, eh?)
The west wants unlimited petrol so that everybody can drive cars — gas guzzlers for a long time, incidentally, especially in the States — and the west intensely dislikes the fact that it has to get a fair proportion of it from the Middle East. For some reason, for your average know-nothing Joe Ordinary who supports other clubs, this is “dirty” oil money. Money from white or semi-white countries is not “dirty”. I wonder why.
Be under no illusions. The two gulf wars were about that resource. The Pentagon and the White House (and 10 Downing Street) could not give a flying fuck about the rights of Filipina maids or workers from the Indian sub-continent in places like Saudi Arabia, Qatar… or Abu Dhabi. Still less about the rights of gays and lesbians.

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