PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

My thoughts exactly. In fact I've just said the same thing re. Chelsea and united. Chelsea most certainly haven't earned £400m in the past year and as you say, united owe millions so they shouldn't be able to spend anything, so what the fuck is going on?

If we haven't been co-operating then where do they have the information from to charge us with anything?

Some still don’t understand ffp! Chelsea will be judged in 2/3 years in that time they could not spend another penny and sell 10 players get new sponsors and be fine regarding ffp! Like say they’ll be judge later if there in trouble or not!
40,000 fans in the conference, that would show them all who has the plastic fans!
Win, win for us really. If we got booted out the PL I would look forward to the new fixtures, lower ticket prices, tourists funking off and enjoying a better atmosphere at home.

Meanwhile back in the PL, those thick NUFC, Everton, Brentford, Brighton, Spurs fans who are currently laughing at our predicament will have to face a PL dominance from Yoonited, Gooner, Red dippers and Chelsea again with no competition from anybody else thanks to FFP and the PL cartel.
Can't someone in the south stand bring a bedsheet with FUCK THE PREMIER LEAGUE on it, the fans need to get across what a fucking witchhunt this is, it's a fucking disgrace. .
Something is being worked on for Sunday. I'm not going to disclose any details though
Straightforward cases take years to get to a High Court hearing. We have to go through several processes before we even need to start anything in the High Court, and each process needs to look at, potentially, a decades worth of leaks; filing cabinets full of documents; reams of legal arguments.
If there is no compromise, I'd strap yourself in for a good 7 - 10 years. And the good news is that, if we lose there, we'll almost certainly be going to the Supreme Court for an appeal.
City can afford all that. Pretty expensive for the Premier League though. It'll cost many a million before we're done.
Better get used to it!
Ok.. but would the punishment be suspended until we’d exhausted all these routes?
This stinks of the corrupt, unhealthy and monopolising influence of United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea have on the PL. FFP is there only to protect their interests, not to keep a "level playing field" as they continually try to fob us off with. Maybe they (the PL) should look at the aforementioned clubs debts before slinging the shit at us. We do not owe hundreds of millions, we are not taking money out of the club to line our own pockets. Those clubs need to put their own house in order before crying foul.

If they took four years to charge us, why wait all that time? If the first "offence" took place over 14 years ago, shouldn't we have been hauled up then, not now?

Perhaps we haven't greased the palms of the PL board and not given them backhanders which I feel other clubs have done to cover up their shady dealings. The PL board is BENT, no other word for it and we haven't played ball with them and they don't like it.


Being trying to that into words ! You did it better than me :)
Of course, now no-one is talking about how shit Liverpool are and how much of a shit Mr Greenwood is - allegedly.
This is one of the things I hate about football now....

I'm a fan. Not s fucking account. Not a lawyer. I don't give a fuck how we spend or how much. I go to games, sing and shout and try and have some banter with the opposition.

But now it becomes a complex geo political conversation that most other fans just having done the thinking around. It's a joyless position to be in as a fan.

No we have to get behind the players. Who are probably also thinking wtf is going on. And if the shit hits the fan I'm safe in the knowledge that wel still be there next season. Can't say the same about most of those players!

Rotten situation as a fan, I just want to watch my team !
I was more than happy when UEFA tried to ban us as I wanted to see us have it out with UEFA in court.

I'm now more than happy to see the Prem having a go after the last four years of the trickle of 'We're coming for you City'. Bring it on - see you in court Premier League.

Oh, and while we're at it, ask UEFA and the Prem to examine Chelsea's colossal spending and United's splurge of cash despite owing hundreds of millions.

Agreed. This is what pisses me off even more, why are those rag cunts never under scrutiny?

And as for the chavs, where did that half billion suddenly come from, was that earned or did their owners just dip into their offshore funds for that?

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