Post Match Thread - United (h)

blue cigar

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17 Jul 2005
Not only that, but this is worse than Mancini’s and Pellegrini’s title defenses. Let that sink in.
You might even squeeze I to the too 4 this season, I doubt it but I suppose it gives you some sort of hope.
Let that sink in

Stoned Rose

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29 Oct 2010
Hanging out the side of a Cortina
Thing is we need a huge overhaul of the squad.

2x CBs
2x FBs
2x mids
2x strikers
Plus a replacement for Sane and God forbid Raheem.

Probably close to 5-600m right there with maybe 200m recouped.

Angelino, Mendy need to go
David is at the end of his career
Dinho is close to the end
Aguero is close to the end
Sane likely off

I wouldn't give that rebuild job to Pep as he isn't likely to be here for more than this and possibly next season so do we put off the rebuild or let pep leave and trust the new guy to do it?
Change your screen name to Kneejerk you massive vagina.


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12 Mar 2009
Make no mistake that rag side is fucking gash and they could have won by more. Shocking tactics and performance. Pep needs to get a fucking grip and change things up before we end up in a top 4 battle. Not looking forward to the Leicester match on the 21st if things don't improve they will fucking spank us.


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27 May 2004
Team supported
We will lose games,shit happens.

The performance was the more serious concern.A better side than that shower of shit would have gone in at half time 4-0 up.

Does Pep change it,no we carry on regardless,this is starting to really annoy me,his refusal to be pragmatic.

Sure we have injuries that are not helping us.But he is compounding them with his team selections.

Angelino was destroyed by James from minute 1,We did nothing to rectify this.

He is looking like a worse signing than Lee Bradbury.

Also some in our team are stinking the place out this season i include Raheem and KDB.Rahemm form has dropped off a Cliff since all the praise,KDB just looks half arsed and disinterested.Performance summed up seeing him pull out of challenges.
while i agree baout Angelino the other option (Mendy) is even fucking worse -the guy is stealing a living !


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21 May 2013
Sterling has been horrendous recently. Consistently picks the wrong option. I can’t explain why he did not hit that ball.

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