Post Match Thread - United (h)


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10 Jan 2009
Many players had a poor game today, but I'm singling out Angelino as my worst player. He just doesn't have any positive attributes. He always tries to play safe, invariably passing back to one of our CBs. I estimate two thirds of his passes are back. His defending isn't great. He's our youngest defender, and shouldn't be beaten for pace so often. And considering his first thought is for safety, he shouldn't be making mistakes - you just can't afford to in his position. His crosses hardly ever hit the mark. I'm looking forward to having Zinchenko playing there again. Maybe it was a mistake getting Angelinho back, even as backup, given Mendy's propensity for the treatment room.

brummie blue

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2 Jun 2009
No point in commenting on the game, we all know how poor we were, but if Pep comes out and says we played so so so well, and he's so proud of his players then someone up top needs to have a word!


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10 Nov 2019
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We will lose games,shit happens.

The performance was the more serious concern.A better side than that shower of shit would have gone in at half time 4-0 up.

Does Pep change it,no we carry on regardless,this is starting to really annoy me,his refusal to be pragmatic.

Sure we have injuries that are not helping us.But he is compounding them with his team selections.

Angelino was destroyed by James from minute 1,We did nothing to rectify this.

He is looking like a worse signing than Lee Bradbury.

Also some in our team are stinking the place out this season i include Raheem and KDB.Rahemm form has dropped off a Cliff since all the praise,KDB just looks half arsed and disinterested.Performance summed up seeing him pull out of challenges.


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27 May 2004
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They were better than us.

I wouldnt say better - their tactics were directed at our obvous weaknesses - they didnt play great football in the sense it was pleasing on the eye but what they did do was very very effective.

Our football has taken a nose dive - too much side to side - not passing inbetween the lines, no presense in the box (Jesus annoymous again when it matters), no getting in behind in teh 18 yd area, no cut backs -but insrtead wew are STILL putting in crosses from outside the box)

Look at it this way - we only scored froma . set piece against a utd side who have been battered from open play a number of times this season already....we have lost our creativity somehow...
the other scary thing is if you looked at teh bench who would you say would change something......I wouldnt say any of them

Mahrez in my opinion is bang average
Foden - think he is a good young player but clearly pep doesnt think he is ready
GUndogan!!!! - not a chance . - he is here for a pay day (and its a long time i said that about a city player...

Cancello - certainly not better than walker.

Mendy - should be sold asap now he is fit.

Colin Bells Boots

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31 May 2016
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Manchester City
The cnuts at the PL will be laughing their focus off. With the assistance of the bent referees and VAR the dippers move towards their first league title in 30 years and the rags are seen to be relevant .

Great day for the media darlings but a terrible day for football.

Bent as fuck and blatant two fingers to the rest of football. Corruption wins hands down .

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