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15 Feb 2009
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The most frustrating thing is that all but the most vapid Bluemooners can see as plain on the nose on your face that our one dimensional tactics of pass,pass,pass until we hit into the first defender or launch it over our diminuitive strikers tactics are failing. Isn't the definition of stupidity repeating the same mistake. Well Pep you are stupid...

Colin Bells Boots

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31 May 2016
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To be honest I don’t care.

I think we are at the end of time with Pep as we look devoid of ideas, found out and fatigued.

Pep looks devoid of ideas and it looks like the end of his cycle.

I love him to bits but perhaps his style of play Does indeed have a shelf life per league / club, like other supporters said / hoped.

Today was shambolic.. we were set up all wrong with zero respect for their pace which infuriatingly Pep highlights in the Sky interview before the game.

We all knew exactly how they would play, so why not respect that.. especially given our defensive frailties.. lost it in 25 mins via terrible management and a lack of respect for what the opposition brings. which is pace and pretty much just that alone.

Bonkers not to play the line just that tad deeper. Stupid in fact.
Thank God our management aren't as stupid as you.


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18 Jan 2009
32 points from 16 games... Jesus Christ we are on track to not even break 80 points. This is a shocking decline.

We need to know what Pep wants to do at the end of his deal. If he wants to leave in one year, should we be giving a departing manager the money to rebuild the squad only for someone new to take over and want to change players themselves? I want Pep to extend and stay forever, but I doubt he wants that! So what do we do?


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12 Jul 2015
Of course Pep should be questioned at times, he's not a God.
The last 2 seasons were brilliant but they're history now, now is all that matters and we've been poor for most of the season, this isn't just a blip imo
Okay fair enough. Steve McLaren is available


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21 Dec 2017
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And Pogba in the Derby where we threw away a 2 goal lead.

I’ve always got the impression that he thinks that he’s doing us a favour by being here. Whereas Mancini fully embraced the club and culture.

He’s a great manager, one of the best ever in fact. But I can’t help but feel that his style of play has a 3 year cycle. His 4th year at Barca didn’t go well and his style must take it out of the players.

perhaps that explain the lethargic nature of our play and the injuries this season.
Mancini a legend!


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2 Feb 2009
Needed Stones and Otta with Fern in midfield tonight. Phil on for Merlin from now, for me. He's looked after his future and we need to do the same with ours. Disappointed.

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