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Re: Almost The Perfect Evening.....

Swales lives said:
malg said:
Almost a Jock Stein moment!

It would have been more Tommy Cooper than Jock Stein.
Hi feet sticking out from underneath the curtain after some classic comedy.


Maybe a sign the end is nigh?
started some agency work last week and had to work today , having a brew this morning overheard some daft rag talking to his mate,
" reds never gave up did they, in fact could have been back in it near the end if the ref had give that penalty & nani,s shot went in "

had to chip in
" did you watch the same game as me you never won a fucking corner "

never spoke to me all day

catalan 3
matalan 1

Baconface will stay 3 more years..

According to the papers this morning.
why doesnt the old soak bow out gracefully..?? they didnt have the toughest of champions league games tbh to get to the final (shalke were a fooking joke)and were ripped a new arsehole in the final..
Stay then and fade away....cos thats what'll happen.
Re: Baconface will stay 3 more years..

After seeing him after the final I think his confidence has been completely shot. The same team humiliating him twice in two years. If he stays on he could be second guessing himself constantly next season, and if he's got no confidence, his players will lose confidence, and thats what won them the league this season.
No matter what happens

Our friends at Sky ensure that its all positives at the swamp.
Just had the misfortune of watching 5 minutes with that idiot Mcartney from the Notw. Despite being played off the park the rags are going to spend big, Taggart is staying for another three years that is on the back pages of all sport papers today blah,blah,blah.

No other stories matter etc.

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