Ref Watch City Games - 2023/24

The marked difference I suspect will be in the number of yellow cards he hands out! And not for some technical transgression either.

If Sky want another 0-0 to keep the race "interesting" he'll ignore the rags kicking fuck out of dippers as they will get murdered if he sends any of them off.
Can you provide any explanation why no cards were given in the above clip where 3 fouls in 30 seconds were done, plus, do you believe Taylor would have booked a Brentford player who did that against Bournemouth?
If you answer yes to the last question, please tell me the difference.

I thought I had done that. I think he refereed the game as if it was two teams trying to play football against each other, like City vs Arsenal should be (and like he did in that Liverpool vs City game until VAR intervened). Did he decide that, or was he told to do it? No idea, and I am not saying he was right, I am saying I think he decided to referee the game that way and didn't change even when it was obvious that it was more like City vs Brentford. That was my issue. That he didn't read the game and change appropriately. Or maybe he thought he couldn't if he was told to referee that way.

As for Brentford vs Bournemouth, I could imagine he would use the same approach for two teams aggressively disrupting each other. As long as it's balanced, consistent and doesn't go too far that's probably OK.

Where such an approach shouldn't be used is when you have one team trying to play and the other team trying to stop them. I don't think anyone thought that would be the case on Sunday. For 15 minutes anyway ....
this duo already fucked us once or twice this season.

Official: Paul Tierney will referee Crystal Palace vs #ManCity in the #PL on Saturday lunchtime. Stuart Attwell will be the VAR.
That's going to be an interesting comparison.

Why has Webb given him the two biggest games in the league?

Probably because despite what you, me, or anyone else on Bluemoon might think of him, he’s considered one of the best referees in Europe by the people that matter, as far as appointing referees goes.

He regularly gets big Champions League games and there were strong rumours that he was being lined up for the World Cup Final until Argentina got there, ruling him out.
Let's hope Luton match Arsenal's roughhouse tactics and get away with it. Not a chance. I predict a yellow card for Luton within the first three fouls they commit.
I don't think you can under estimate how much his "lenient" reffing helped Arsenal on Sunday. It was a tremendous insurance policy for them to know that if city managed to wriggle free into.any half spaces they were free to just wipe them out with no comeback.
He's still.the ref I trust least despite a few new contenders emerging.
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3 dipper sympathisers

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Tierney and Twatwell....
My boss is a Blackburn fan and said Attwell did their game against Ipswich last Friday.
Said the fucker was useless and even stopped the game because an Ipswich player's shinpad fell out of his sock.
Gave Ipswich the dropped ball for it as well.
I said now you know how bad the Premier league is for us every week

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