Referee/Officials Thread 2019/20

Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Fame Monster, 28 Sep 2019.

  1. meeesh


    15 Jan 2009
    All over the place
    Does anyone ever think that we will ever see one of these arses actually send someone off for time wasting,the odd yellow comes out now and again,but will we ever see 2 yellows to say a keeper,I#m doubtful myself,but something has got to be done,fucking joke this at times
  2. James McJohn

    James McJohn

    23 Oct 2019
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    Bohs / City
    no I dont think so & most keepers ultimately feel they have achieved something, including extra time wasting, by goading a ref into walking down to book them.

    i dont think a basketball style timer would work for football, but if the attacking team had the right to press the keeper 20 seconds after the ball goes out of play, or something like that, it would help
  3. prestonibbo_mcfc


    16 Apr 2010
    They can do that without getting in the way. They manage it quite successfully in other games I watch.
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  4. Saddleworth2


    27 Jan 2014
    So Southampton waste time at every opportunity fromthe moment they score to the moment that Walker scored in the 86th minute. And Ederson is the only player to get a yellow for time wasting. Seriously?
  5. The Light Was Yellow Sir

    The Light Was Yellow Sir

    10 Feb 2014
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    8 yards? It does explain why they miss so much then.
  6. dennishasdoneit


    25 May 2008
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    Yep.That's where we are at now with Pigmol. They are not even subtle about it now.Clear as day. ..
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  7. Fred_Quimby


    28 Feb 2017
    Yesterday's performance was one of the worst this season. It has already been mentioned on here about Southampton time wasting and the 'soft' free kicks given to them but also every free kick we got Southampton were allowed to line up on the 'wrong' side if the line and he allowed players on the side who were not 10m away.

    He is not alone though. We are not the only club to feel aggrieved at the standard of referees. I have said for a while that whilst we have Old Mother Riley at the top nothing will change. We need someone like Collina (who was probably the best ref I have ever seen) to come in and clean up the mess. He was a wonderful ref who was always alert and up with play. Time for a clear out and it should start at the top. The only problem is the person taking over would probably be one of the other incompetent wankers beneath him.
  8. Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    Dave Ewing's Back 'eader

    9 Mar 2007
    Upwind of the Mangrove Swamp
    Booking a goalie for time wasting is another example of manipulating the LotG as they are written. You can, rightly, be booked for timewasting but it all depends on whether you maintain a sequence. If you begin another sequence you generally get booked by the fuckin' useless 'arbitrators of time'! Eddie put the ball down and then picked it up - the mistake that gets the booking. The Southampton goalie just went into deliberate slow motion, along with half a dozen other goalies who have graced our lush pastures, and not been booked. That was the first time Eddie wasted any time. If there were any natural justice within the arbitration of a football game then the first foul committed by anyone should draw a yellow card. It doesn't! Mason was pissed off. I don't know why the fuck he bothers reffing at all!

    The other instance I spotted on the highlights was Kevin wagging a finder at the useless canute of a whistling wanker was after the Southampton goalie picked the ball up from a back pass. Mason clearly decided from where he was having us take the free kick. The goalie picked the ball up midway between goal area line and edge of the penalty area. It was on the line between the mowing pattern. Mason insisted it be pulled back three yards. The free kick, at his insistence, with yellow card in back pocket steaming to get out if any argument ensued, was taken from the wrong place. The laws, despite the shitty vagueness written within them, is as clear as clear can be - the free kick is taken at the point of offence. He was even shown where the ball was picked up. I just wonder if any players, apart from the cursory nods and greetings, have the slightest respect for these bumblers and cheats. I know I haven't.
  9. MillionMilesAway


    14 Sep 2015
    I saw that this morning - as you say, it was right on the mowing line.
    I have a feeling that none of them have any respect for Mason, and had probably had the lowdown on him from experience.
  10. Eds


    7 Nov 2005
    Not only did he move the back to about two yards inside the area he then is unable to perform simple maths for where the wall should be. 16 - 10 = 6. Wall was about seven yards away at best but he didn’t appear to care. That said instead of playing the ball sideways we should have played it backwards to give KDB a little more space. I only hope the club put in a written report and ensure the powers that be know that we know.

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