Simple Question: Do you trust our owner?

Do you trust our owner?

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27 Oct 2012
I trust the owners. I think they are in a position of having to throw the hat in to be at the negotiation table. It's going to get watered down and a compromise will be reached as that's the way negotiation works.

they didn’t have to do this.
It’s Such a lame excuse. If the owners cared about the club or our fans they would never have signed up for it


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17 Dec 2013
I do trust the Owners but require an explanation, only then can I believe we can make judgement. I hope they give something which convinces me and everyone else that they are right, but at this moment I am doubtful.
They have at this moment alienated the vast majority of our fan base, and this is understandable, but lets wait and see, I doubt that this is as final as it seems, and certainly hope so for the future of football as we know and love.
This as long as it's an honest explanation

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