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19 Oct 2010
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I remember a few years ago after a run of crap performances vinnie came out and said that the players had a meeting to sort out the problems. Who is doing this now?

We have bought some very nice people and good players but no leaders.


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6 Aug 2010
The usual from the refs.

Stopping our momentum, blowing up against us for nothing, allowing the oppo more leeway in these instances.

Blocking our passing lanes making us turn back to find space. Mike Dean played great at DM for Spurs today.
There was certain areas where every time Kev got the ball, Mike Dean closed him down, meaning we’re negotiating and trying to find space in a well packed Spurs defence but an extra man too in the ref too.

The time wasting is awful, our players are constantly acting as ball boys for the opposition. Yet it’s allowed game after game.

Selective interpretation of the rules again for the disallowed goal. The lack of consistency is sickeningly obvious from anyone watching City regularly I’m thinking now if Gabby and Laporte combine to score against Spurs it’s automatically disallowed.

Ref allowed Spurs to slow down our free kicks by blocking us off, our players had to scramble to get the ball to take the free kick before a Spurs player kicked it away.

Ref and lines man allowed them block off our corners long and short by not inforcing the rules that don’t encroach and they stay at the 10yard line. KDB could be heard shouting early in the first half about this. Fuck all done about it. Fuck all done about the time wasting.

I don’t feel like I’m just pissing and whining here. I’ve been watching the same formula for years, but this season and last, it’s taking a lot of momentum out of our team and the players heads are dropping as a result.

In the past it made our achievements all that much sweeter for me, that we were not only the best team in the league but also able to over come the cheating and the bias. It’s harder these days and it’s frustrating, some games I’m down right angry having to endure this shit. Can only imagine what it’s like being a player.

Ederson; a maverick, a joy to watch when pinging long passes and maintaining composure when being pressed by the oppo. But he’s made too many errors lately leading to soft goals. I think he’s a very good keeper but needs to wake up and not just go to default setting of rushing out all the time. His positioning and decision making today made it a lot easier for the 2 goals.

Cancelo ; looks our sharpest player going forward, he brings a bit more urgency when he’s in the ball than we’ve seen from others. Good recovery speed too. I think a continued run of games will be good for him.

Mahrez ; very quiet, went missing completely today. Still not tracking or working hard enough. Still afraid of a tackle. Still isn’t passing as much or as quickly as he needs to. But now he’s not even getting shots off. Didn’t offer himself enough or look for the ball. Didn’t link up or even look like he’s was part of our front 3 today. Completely out of sync. Looked like Ferran and Gabby trying to knit together and some other bloke not entirely interested to make up the front 3. Offered nothing again today. Having him in for Phil from the start had a diminishing effect every level today. I’d be happy to cash in.

Kev, I wonder if he’s playing through some sort of niggle or playing through the pain barrier, cos he doesn’t look right, his body shape doesn’t look his normal in certain positions. He’s not got the acceleration. Could be just fatigue with no preseason. The lack of Dave won’t help him obviously but that’s where we’re at. We’ve been spoilt watching a midfield trio of Dave Kev and Fern. But again, this is where we’re at. So maybe our expectations need to shift slightly. Time will tell. I’m expecting Kev to find his too form again.

Can’t understand not staring Phil.
Gabby worked his bollax off, as per usual rarely gets the luck in the big decisions. Good to have him back.

Did we look a bit fitter today than previous games? Our intensity has dropped off usually around 60mins this season, hard to tell today as Spurs came more into the game in spells.

Frustrating day. If we’re gonna play the high line then we gotta get the offside trap right. But then I don’t trust VAR to even show us the right frames or make a just decision. Maybe we could have and should have sat a bit deeper at times today. Spurs just scrapped, frustrated us, exploited the space twice, scored and won. And had it not been for Walker they’d have exploited the space more on the break. The usual mixture of being organised and smothering the oppositions creativity. That unmistakably horrible Maureen style. But done nothing in the game to suggest they deserve get the win.

it’s gonna be a long and very strange season. There’s plenty to play for, we’re not out of it by any stretch. But we need to get a run if wins going starting with next week.
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23 Sep 2010
How much is Pep getting paid a year, 15-20 million?, well he needs to start earning it quickly. What the fuck is he thinking with regards to substitutions, it's not the first time as well when we've been crying out for changes only for them not to happen until the game is lost. He is not earning anywhere near that staggering amount at present, underperforming massively in my eyes as are a number of these players, happy to coast through matches and seemingly not looking that bothered.

I agree. He needs to change things because this isn’t working and hasn’t been for 18 months since we won the title.


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15 Apr 2010
Draw them out, how? Let's take nil-nil, c'mon fella?! I'd rather be on the front foot and take the chance of losing than playing for nil-nil. If they want to adopt that inferior mentality and play like Stoke, let them, but we won't do that. Yeah we'll lose some, that's fine, but we'll win alot too.
We did win a lot. We aren’t this season.


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25 Jan 2009
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It’s not bad luck anymore. It happens too often for it to be bad luck

But not gonna panic yet. We’ve had a ridiculously hard first 8 games. Played 5 away and played 3 of the top 4 plus Arsenal and Wolves. All these without a striker on the pitch most of the time

We’ve got Burnley and Fulham both at home in our next 2 games. I’m expecting 2 huge wins, which might get our confidence and self belief back

Agree about the first 8 games apart from West Ham they couldn’t of hand picked a harder 8 games.

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4 Sep 2020
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There is a large element of The Emperors New Clothes with Pep. He is clearly the best manager in the world who is currently working but it is based on his previous record with us in seasons two and three plus his other clubs. If you look at the last 18 months you could say that more or less any decent manager would have done at least as well with the squad we have.

I suppose my question is can he get back to his previous level? I'm not at all sure about that.


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17 Aug 2014
parallel universe
Carbon copy of last seasons game , only we didnt miss a penalty and get a man sent off , we battered them , penned them in their penalty , had a hundred corners and crosses and created nowt. They break away have two shot and score two goals , and its a MOurinho master class
The only saving grace is Spurs fans joy will turn to shit like it does every season and has done for 60 years , mugs.

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